DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Do you want to give unique gifts for the special people in your life on the day we celebrate love? Then, these craft ideas are the perfect place to start. With these Valentine’s craft ideas for you, you’ll have beautiful gifts to give away in no time!

Paper heart garland

Photo credit: HGTV

  • Gather the materials that you need – Valentine’s day or heart scrapbook paper designs, red paper, scissors, tape, and white thread.
  • Cut papers into heart-shaped and with the same size. Make as many as you want.
  • Create several garlands using thread and cut out hearts in matching colours and designs. Every garland should have the same pattern of the paper.
  • Hang the heart’s threads to the ceiling with a translucent tape.
  • Build a romantic chandelier effect on a romantic Valentine’s day dinner at home.

Origami heart flower bouquet

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

  • Gather the materials that you need – crepe paper (pink or red), scissors, green floral tape, green floral wire, wired floral leaves (if available from craft stores), ribbon, and wire cutters.
  • Cut petals with your crepe paper by forming teardrop shapes.
  • Cut a small square of crepe paper and fold it in half. Wrap the triangle around the floral wire tip. Secure it with double sided tape then cover it with green floral tape. Proceed to cover the whole wire with green floral tape.
  • Keep on adding petals to the bud until you get the bloom you want.
  • Secure with green floral tape every time.
  • Once you have enough flowers, you can now put them together to make a bouquet.
  • Add a ribbon and you’re done!

Date night jar

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

  • Gather the materials that you need – wooden craft sticks, sharpie markers, and a mason jar. If you want to decorate your jar, go gaga with ribbon, glitter, buttons, glue, and scissors.
  • On each of the wooden craft sticks, write down one creative night idea. Decorate if you wish.
  • Toss it inside the jar.
  • Once it’s date night, pick a stick and to reveal which date night idea to do!

Memory box

Photo credit: Etsy

  • Gather the materials that you need – a craft box or a repurposed box, scissors, ribbon, glitter, buttons, and glue.
  • Decorate your box as your please. Be as creative as you can!
  • Fill your memory box with items that remind you of your recipient. Here are a couple of ideas – movie tickets, pictures, pressed flowers, and so on.
  • Write a note about why each of these priceless things are memorable to you
  • Share your memory box!

Simple yet heartfelt, these gifts are sure to melt anyone’s hearts!

Join us here and show us your finished products.

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