Holiday gift wrapping ideas

Just a couple of days before it’s Christmas! Giving gifts is one of the most treasured traditions during this season. That’s why we’ve assembled adorable holiday gift wrapping ideas much to the delight of its recipient!

Pretty polka dots

Red polka dot Christmas gift with ribbon on white background

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Gold polka dot Christmas gift with gold ribbon and bell

Photo credit: Wrapaholic

Christmas and polka dots are like peanut butter and jelly – they go together perfectly! The easy route here is to use gift wrapper with polka dot prints then end with a flourish thanks to a big bright red ribbon. This will look absolutely beautiful under the Christmas Tree. If you want to make it even more personal, you can go the DIY route. All you need is brown wrapping paper, paint, and paintbrush. All you have to do is just to use the brush to make your own polka dot prints right on the plain wrapping paper. Don’t forget a cute ribbon as an accent.

Christmas tree stamps

Christmas gifts wrapped with tree stamps on under Christmas tree
Photo credit: Fresh Mommy Blog
Who doesn’t love Christmas tree stamps? These stamps are not only meant for cards; you can also incorporate this when you wrap your gifts! While there is pre-printed gift wrapper that features an assortment of Christmas tree stamps, you can definitely be fully in control when you make your own! Here, you would need rubber stamps with Christmas tree designs available in craft stores. Wrap your gifts with plain brown wrapping paper then go ahead and stamp away.

Fluffy toppers

Two Christmas gifts with fluffy tulle toppers

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Red tulle pom pom toppers on Christmas gifts

Photo credit: Kbecca

We absolutely love this gift wrapping trend. Make your gift literally pop out with fluffy toppers. You can add a little Christmas tree ornament on one corner. You can also put a reindeer, a snowman, and a couple of acorns here and there. Fluffy toppers will give your gift just the right amount of pizzazz plus assembling them is a fun and creative experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

Add in some gift tags

Christmas gifts with gift tags on yellow backdrop
Photo credit: Close to my Heart
Gifts must always come with gift tags. This way, the recipient will feel extra special knowing that he or she made it into your list! There are plenty of ways to make your gift tags pop. From colourful stickers to cute neon signs, to funny prints, to DIY cut-outs – there are so many gift tag ideas to explore to make your present truly stand out. Our current favourite is the hand-painted ones. You don’t have to be Picasso to get this done. All you need is thick paper usually used for tags and watercolour. Feel free to paint it as you wish then cut it to the shape you like when it has dried. Make it even more special by showcasing your calligraphy skills!

Enjoy the whole process of preparing your gifts with these holiday gift wrapping ideas. We’re excited to see the finished product! Sign up today right here and share away.

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