3 dresses to wear to your dinner date

A romantic night out may be quite the challenge as you look for the right dress to wear. That is why we’ve combed through our usual online haunts to find the top three dress inspirations that’ll help you decide which to wear. Here are three dresses to wear to your dinner date!

Sophisticated in silk.

Is sexy elegance the look that you want to achieve? Well, look no further! This silky slip dress should be the only option for you. Comfortable and curve-accentuating, this flirty number will surely catch his attention and keep it. Match a delicately-coloured dress with a contrasting-coloured clutch bag or shoulder bag. To complete your look, a pair of sleek heeled-sandals is an excellent choice! Not sure where to find? Check out Princess Polly‘s range of gorgeous mini dresses that will draw everyone’s attention.

Off-the-shoulder wonder.

Showcasing a little bit of skin never harmed anyone. This is the reason why an off-the-shoulder dress mini makes its way in our top three list. Choose one with playful prints just to make it a little more current and refreshing as compared to a solid-coloured neutral. Go for a flowy texture. Remember, an off-the-shoulder dress is already tight in the shoulders, so a flowy dress provides the perfect contrast. Plus, it will make you look like the princess that you are! Look absolutely gorgeous in this pretty dress inspiration with stunning stilettos to match. Don’t know where to start? Find off-shoulder dresses across many lengths and designs at Petal & Pup! Check out a few stunning dresses from their off-shoulder dresses collection below.

Puffed-sleeves magic.

Oh, we absolutely adore puffed sleeves. Can you imagine this dress without them? It won’t be a standout like the beautiful thing that it is with them. And what a way to up the ante with that magical side slit! All the right amount of sophisticated, sexy, and flirty, this dress was made for the best nights out. Shopbop is your best destination to start experimenting with puff sleeve dresses! From pastels to florals – they got everything! Check out our few favourites below and now you’re ready for that dinner date in this puffed-sleeve perfection.

Do you have your own dress inspiration to add to our list of 3 dresses to wear to your dinner date? We’d love to see them! Share them now at People’s Inc when you sign up here today!

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