How to style a pocket square

Using a pocket square can be quite tricky! Know the rules and other tips and tricks on how to style a pocket square when you read on!

When do you wear a pocket square?
Wearing a pocket square used to have this executive relationship with formal events. Not anymore. Most men like to dress up for a casual business day out, and nothing says cool and sophisticated better than a pocket square. This is why we see a lot of men proudly donning pocket squares like a boss!

Are all pocket squares the same?
The answer to this question is a big NO. Just like what you wear, you have to carefully pick which pocket square that would match your activities for the day, the colour of your jacket, even your mood. Having a variety of pocket squares is best, so you can have a wide range of choices that will suit your suit.

How do you mix and match?
Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to mixing and matching.

  • Style
    Contrast is everything. If you have a printed tie, then you can have a solid-coloured pocket square. For formal events, go for a flat fold that is a shade lighter than your jacket. For more fun events, printed pocket squares will go well with solid-coloured jackets. Balance is everything, so make sure you use contrasts to your favour.
  • Colour
    There are different ways to mix and match colours. Among the tried and tested are the following:

    • For formal events, going dark and neutral is the best way to go. For more casual engagements, feel free to use prints and lighter shades.
    • If you’re wearing a tie with your pocket square, there are two ways to go about it. You can go for a matching look. Look for the exact same shade of tie and pocket square. For the more daring, you can go for the thematic approach. This means if you have a brown tie, then your pocket square can have brown polka dots. If you have a grey-striped tie, then you can go for a solid-coloured pocket square. A colour scheme is an exciting way to go about it, so there’s a variety without going overboard.
    • Contrast is key. If you have a neutral-coloured jacket, then you’re free to use the zaniest pocket square you can find. If you’ve gone for a wildly coloured-jacket, then you might want to temper things down with a conservative pocket square. Contrast is the king of the game. Do it right, and you’ll ace the pocket square test.

Here are some of the pocket square designs we recommend:

Burgundy dotted trim pocket square

Morrocan sand

Beige trim pocket square

Pocket squares make you look cool and sophisticated instantly. For a wide selection of this clothing accessory, check out Square Guard has to offer. They’ve got all the pocket squares you need for virtually any event so shop now when you click here!

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