Easy DIY Halloween decors for your home

It’s mid-September, which means next month will be filled with spooky decorations from different places all over the world.

It’s never too early to start planning and transforming your home into a haunted house. It’s perfect for October.

Look for old books, vintage accessories, and candles in your home. To finish the design, add a few Halloween-themed touches like cutout bat decors or skeletons. Don’t forget the pumpkins too! Whether you’re in for gory decors or wanting to keep it cute, we got you covered! Here are some of our DIY and simple setup recommendations:

Photo credit: Erin Spain

DIY Jar-O-Lantern

This can be made by recycling an old jar, applying a thin layer of tissue, painting it orange, cutting out black paper for the eyes and mouth, and then paste it into the jar.

You can make as many as possible. Simply put it onto your porch or on top of your table as the centrepiece.

Spooky spider webs

Simply take a black yarn ball and create the foundation for your web on your walls or doors. Begin by making a little off-centre and a plus symbol, then add more pieces of yarn. When crossing the yarn over each other, wrap it around the middle to keep it centred. Assemble the spiral. Cut a very long strand of yarn long enough to weave in and out of the spokes.

If you can’t find a black yarn ball, you can opt for cotton balls. Take a piece of cotton batting and stretch it out. To keep the stretched out cotton balls together, apply hairspray. Continue stretching and stitching cotton balls together until you have a large enough web.

Photo credit: Pagingsupermom

Fuzzy creepy spiders

What’s a web without spiders? DIY your own spiders with simple materials such as yarn and fuzzy wires.

Begin by winding the yarn around your fingers; the size of your spiders is entirely up to you. Carefully pull the yarn away from your fingers, then wrap a small strand of yarn securely around the circled yarn. Make a fuzzy pompom by cutting the yarn loops. Trim the pompom to the size you want.

Cut your two fuzzy wires in half. Twist the four pieces of fuzzy wires together in the middle and space them apart. Bend the ends of each piece to create the spider’s feet. Glue the pompom onto the middle of the wires. Add googly eyes if you want.

Photo credit: Homedecorish

Don’t peek in the windows

Make your windows interesting whenever someone passes by your house. It’s a quick and easy decoration that you can do. The decor is meant to appear natural. There are many different variations of ornaments to choose from, and you may pick the ones you like most.

To be able to DIY this, plan how you want it to appear, then cut out some papers then simply paste it into your windows. Arrange it to whichever crafty it can be.

Spooktacular banner

Garlands and banners are perfect for Halloween decorations. Any designs can do, but here is the easiest we can find. Start cutting papers in triangles. Think about the design or which character you’ll make. Draw the faces on separate paper, then cut them out and glue them to secure them to the triangles.

Remember that details count, so use markers to add a few more. Attach the triangles in a long yarn and hang it somewhere in your house.

Photo credit: A girl and a glue gun

Ghost balloons

This one is super easy! Have some white balloons, cut out uneven black circles and paste them onto the balloons. Finally, cut out some long white crepe paper for the details and attach it to the bottom of the balloons.

Now you can make them float around your house anywhere.

Can’t wait for you to show off your Halloween decorations with us! Share yours in the comments.

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