Five ways to celebrate Halloween at home

This year’s Halloween will still be different due to the pandemic. Even if we are in the new normal with social distancing going around, there are various fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

Alter your plans to fit the health and safety precautions for your area. Here are a few things you can do:

Horror movie marathon

What best way to celebrate Halloween is to watch horror and thriller movies with your family. There are hundreds of movies available on Netflix that you can stream. If you or your family aren’t big fans of scary movies or scary clowns, consider viewing films based on your or your children’s costumes.

Cook Halloween treats

Get some popcorn or create some Halloween-themed snacks to spice up your movie marathon. Consider making Halloween cookies, scary desserts, or strange cocktails. There are countless possibilities; it’s up to you to exercise your imagination and enjoy the results.

Video chat costume party

Dress up in your best outfit while meeting virtually with your family, friends, or officemates. If you have a child, dress them up with their best costume during their online class. Have some fun activities during the meeting like spooky singalong or any Halloween-themed activities.

Decorate your home

Consider turning your home or backyard into a frightening walkthrough for your kids this year. You can DIY your decorations; remember just to be creative. Simply ensure that there is sufficient lighting to prevent anyone from stumbling and falling in the dark!

Halloween photoshoot

After decorating your home, it’s time for the photoshoot! Invite your family to take photos. Remember to make a list of any props you’ll need to have on hand. Have fun on the photo session – setting up family members in different funny or scary scenes based on their costumes is a must. Later on, post on your social media to show it to your friends.

We can’t wait to see your photos! Join in the fun on our best Halloween costume competition. Just post your pictures on Instagram and tag @thepeoplesinc #pinchalloween.

Any more suggestions to celebrate Halloween while staying at home? Leave a comment below!

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