Fill in the blank: My father is _____.

To honour this year’s Father’s Day, on June 20, People’s Inc. is inviting everyone to be creative and get a chance to win exciting prizes on our lucky draw.

Simply by filling in the blank. Comment anything that comes to mind.

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about love and having a good time.


1. This contest is open to participants of all ages.

2. Participants should like and follow People’s Inc. social media pages and tag two friends in the comment section.

3. Participants can comment on anything under the sun by completing the sentence.


My father is my hero. He makes it a priority that his family is well taken care of and is protected. @friend1 @friend2

4. Multiple entries are okay.

5. All entries must be posted in the comment section to your preferred social media platform.

6. All entries must be completed on or before July 10, 2021.

WATCH THIS SPACE! We’re updating the prizes right now! Drop us a comment if you have questions?

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