Halloween #instapiration throwback

Halloween is coming! Have you thought about your costume this year?

Take a look at some Instagram costume inspirations to help you choose what to wear to the Halloween party. Even if you enjoy it virtually, you should still dress up for the occasion, especially if there are children around. You don’t want to miss out on this once-a-year creative event!


Beautiful elements of nature in a costume.

Seeking revenge with this perfect goth cheerleader outfit.

Dress up as your favourite pop culture character. Pennywise and Georgie for Halloween is a must!


Your go-to, easy-to-wear Halloween costume and yet iconic.


Go classic for Halloween with Edward Scissorhands. Simple costume, but DIY props is all you need.

Dress up like a princess but perhaps make it spooky.
Consider traditional Mexican dress, large feathered hats, flower crowns, sugar skull and face paint.
Put on your all-black outfit, and you’re ready to go as a witch!
Harley Quinn’s attire is one of the all-time absolute favourites.

Don’t know where to get your Halloween costumes? Here are some stores and brands to check out for you to complete your Halloween style:
ROSEGAL – They provide vintage clothing as well as a selection of Halloween-themed dresses.
Shopee – You name it, and they have it! Have your props and costume delivered straight to your doorstep.

Beginning Boutique – It’s the one-stop shop for all of your weekend event needs! Dresses in all-white or black, as well as pink, are available for your witch, bride or princess appearance!

Just Geek – Simple like its name, Just Geek is a home of pop culture and games merchandise.

PRINCESS POLLY – Shop with their modern Halloween collection look.

SHEIN – Enjoy the beauty of Halloween fashion accessories and outfits in one shop.

Stay tuned for our Halloween best-dressed contest!

Who are you going to be this year? Leave a comment below!

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