Back to the future

Time for a major blast from the past!

PINC has truly come a long way since it began in 2018.
From being a small community of social media users keen on experiencing this novel way of sharing content – PINC has become a bigger, more inclusive community.

Now, rebranded as the People’s Inc. (still PINC for short), it endeavours to become a go-to source for content on practically anything under the sun – fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness, pets, art, music, personal finance, gaming, auto trends, parenthood, and fitness. Whatever is trending, interesting, and innovative, you can expect that it will be featured right here.

As PINC, continues to move forward, it is appropriate to place things in perspective by having a major blast from the past. What better to do that than to see the evolution of its honorary brand mascot – these beautiful, magical unicorns!

You see here at PINC, each of our teammates has his/her own unique unicorn avatar.

These unicorn avatars reflect not only our distinct features but also captures the essence of our personalities.

Why use unicorns? Well, why not?

They are considered the most wondrous of all mythical creatures and supposedly have the ability to bestow magic and wisdom to all. In a way, that is what we want to achieve in PINC, that is for our social media platform to consistently put out meaningful and relevant content that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. Wouldn’t that be just magical?

Check out the evolution of the unicorn avatar of our very own founder, all-around Wonder Woman and #bossbabe, Sabrina Wang! You can see how the design has evolved over the years. Enjoy first-generation Sabrina to the present day!

You, too, can level up, change up your style, and widen your perspective. This is the perfect virtual community for a major upgrade.

Be part of our story. Sign up with us today!

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