Mulan’s stunt double is a stunner

If you’ve watched the live adaptation of Disney’s Mulan, you’d be amazed by the stunts performed by the lead actress, Liu Yifei, who played the titular role.

What you do not know is that while Liu did most of her stunts, she needed a bit of help from her stunt double. This is where Liu Yaxi comes into the picture. She is Mulan’s stunt double, and yes, she is a stunner!

Photo Credit: Instagram

So what do we know about this beautiful stunt actor who has, for the most part, elected to avoid the spotlight? Here’s what we have gathered!

She’s in her early 20s
Our best guess is that Liu Yaxi is 22 years old. How do we know this? Well, we scoured through whatever we could find about her on social media, and we discovered that she posted an 18th birthday cake in 2016. We did the math hence our hypothesis. We can only expect that she’ll be in even more movies since she has already proven her mettle at such a young age. Who knows? She might even emerge from the stunt double shadows and play a movie character herself!

She’s friends with Liu Yifei
We’ve also found photos with the stunt actor and the Mulan actress. From a photo of working out side-by-side to another photo of what seems like a casual night out, their friendship is truly a joy to watch.

Photo Credit: China Entertainment News

She was also Gong Li’s stunt double
Spoiler alert! Singaporean actress Gong Li is in Mulan playing the character of the shape-shifting witch, Xianniang. Guess what? Liu Yaxi was also her stunt double. We’ve seen photos of this stunt double stunner donning Xianniang’s costume. Now that’s multi-tasking taken to a whole new level!

Photo credit: SAYS

She advocates for workplace safety
Many people unfairly cast the Mulan actress in a bad light because of using a stunt double. Liu Yaxi defended the young actress in a statement posted on her social media. In it, she said that that martial stunts are dangerous and stuntmen and stuntwomen like her have trained for years to do their job. That pretty much shut everyone up.

Photo credit: IDN Times

She has a significant following on social media
Liu Yaxi is well on her way to becoming a star herself. As of writing, her social media account has about 70,000 followers, and she’s gaining even more post-release of the movie. For Liu Yaxi, this is only the beginning!

Catch Liu Yaxi in action when you watch Mulan! The movie is still showing in Singapore so don’t miss out!

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