PINC at BlockSpace Asia 2018

Last July 27, PINC organised the first ever BlockSpace Asia 2018, which features Asia’s premier start-ups and SMEs that are driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and deep technology.

For those unfamiliar, PINC is a social commerce platform that incentivises content creators, helps brand owners further understand their customers, provides a more personalised experience for shoppers, and empowers marketers with concrete data to quantify influence. That’s right, all these features just in one place! Using blockchain technology, users experience a decentralised environment on a public ledger, enable more transparency and trust, since all interactions and transactions are legitimate and valid.

To start the event with a bang, Pak Teng, founder of Blockvital, a vital middle ground for the common man (also known as most of us with little knowledge about crypto and too-techie words) to get up to speed with relevant crypto and blockchain knowledge, and the brains behind BlockSpace Asia, moderated the panel discussion on the “Current State of Blockchain Development.”

The panel members include Philipp Kristian Diekhoner, Wu Xing, Ong Jun Hao, and Peter Sin. Philipp Diekhoner is the digital innovation strategy leader and author of the Trust Economy with extensive expertise in Asia and its regional startup ecosystems, while Wu Xing is the senior director of Huobi Global, the leading global Blockchain asset financial service, provider. Not falling behind, Ong Jun Hao is the first founder of BlockConnectors, the first-stop solution for ICOs, providing end to end services, including whitepaper crafting, marketing, community management, events planning, legal work and company structuring. Finally, Peter Sin is co-head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee, Singapore Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS).

After lunch, Qamarul Solihien, a business advisor, continued to invigorate our minds as he gave a speech entitled, “SME Centre on Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Awareness,” which is followed by the equally mind-blowing statement of Grace Tang.

Grace Tang is the chief business development officer and co-founder of PINC. As one of the pioneers, she shared the user-experience of PINC, and how beneficial it can be, not only for the fashionistas out there but all users in general. As mentioned earlier, PINC’s central concept is to not only incentivise its content creators but to help all stakeholders in the commerce industry. Be it customers, content creators, or marketers, PINC is the platform for them!

After Grace’s introduction on PINC, the second panel discussion, “How BlockChain Changes the World of Venture Investments” moderated by Rennie Sng of Ex-Citibanker, began. This time, the panel members were composed of James Tan, Davy Goh, Anndy Lian, Darren Chia, and Linda Wang, another set of big leagues in the industry. James Tan is the managing partner at Quest Ventures, a leading venture fund for technology companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. Another success story, Mr Davy Goh is the founder of BCoin, while Mr Anndy Lian is the CEO of Linfinity, and is known as an all-rounded business strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Asia. Mr Darren Chua, as Co-Founder of Fairway Resources, currently spearheads investment fundraising, corporate structuring, and business strategy. To complete the panel members, Miss Linda Wang is the COO of Higgs Capital, with 20 years of experience working in multinational companies, including working as a member of the senior management team at BTCChina for three years.

After another mind-blowing panel discussion, Grace Tang, CFO & co-founder of PINC, moderated “Security Issues of Blockchain.” Previously from Standard Chartered, Grace is currently the chairperson of Bishan CC Youth Executive Committee, as well as a CFA holder. She also contributes to committees, such as the NUSS Youth Guild and Central Youth Council PAYM.

The set of our best-of-the-best and top of the line panel members for this discussion starts with Neo Jun Hao, the director of Fortiedge, an IT solution provider that specialises in security products and services, which include CISM, CISSP, CISA, OSCP, CREST CRT. Following him, we have Mr Kenneth Hu, organiser of Blockchain&Dapps Technology, Mr Francis Sim, COO/CTO & Cofounder of PINC., and Mr Kevin Yang, co-founder of SharesChain, a network that connects the encrypted economy in the virtual world to the shares of companies in the real world. Finally, Xanne Leo, CEO of Infinitus Toke, with 16 years of experience in the financial service industry in South East Asia, completes the set.

Last, but not the least, of all the panel discussions, Melissa Fann, founder of The Wellness Insider, moderates the discussion on “Co-Innovation, and Internationalisation.” The Wellness Insider is a platform that promotes body confidence through expert opinions on fitness, diet, beauty, and lifestyle. The final set of panel members consist of Jeffrey Seah, Wu Xing, Alan Ng, and Cody Lee. Jeffery Seah is a venture partner at Quest Ventures, a leading venture fund for technology companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. Wu Xing, another #GirlBoss, is a senior director at Huobi Global, while Alan Ng is the president of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). To top it all off, our final panel member is Cody Lee, an assistant executive director of Singapore Business Federations’ Global Business Division.

To end the event in a much scintillating note, Sabrina Wang, CEO of PINC, gave an official statement for the MOU signing ceremony of Linfinity, PINC, FESO Asia, and

For future attendees out there, BlockSpace Asia is the one event you can never miss! BlockSpace Asia envisions to be Asia’s hub for start-ups and SMEs that are driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and deep technology.

Sabrina Wang and Grace Tang with Mr Teo Ser Luck who shared about his experience as the Chairman of Nufin Data and insights in the supply chain industry. Mr Teo also shared his perspectives on how entrepreneurs can work together with the government to grow their business.

As a one-day event, BlockSpace Asia does not only connect over 200 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators, and investors but also features inspirational, thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks, workshops and a host of networking opportunities. Attendees will benefit immensely in knowledge, network and potential opportunities. To add to the excitement, attendees are given a chance to establish new prospective collaborations and to exchange ideas, technologies, and experiences.

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