How to draw PINC unicorns

By now, you would know how much we love unicorns around here. We love these mythical and majestic characters so much that we made them our honorary mascot!

Each of the members of our team come with their own unicorn avatar. This unicorn avatar captures not only our distinct facial features but our unique personalities as well. Just with one look at our unicorn avatar, you’d have a glimpse of how we look and feel like in person.

Here’s the million-dollar question though – how do we create these awesome unicorns? Well, you’re about to find out! Here’s how to draw PINC unicorns!

Each part of the unicorn is constructed separately
It sure is not one size or colour fits all type of thing. From the horn to the hair to the body, each part is painstakingly constructed separately. This way, we get each part right so when we put the individual parts together, structure, colour, and all, they would fit perfectly!

Get the face and body constructed

This part of the process gets a little tricky. Here, we have to capture the look and feel of our team member. If you look closely, our unicorn features have subtle facial and body differences to make them distinct from each other. Does our team member wear spectacles? His/Her unicorn avatar gets a pair, too! Is he/she naturally friendly and outgoing? His/Her unicorn should exude the same warm and gregarious feel. Getting this part right is crucial to ensure that each of our unicorns captures the very essence of the team member it represents.

Work on the hair

We get the style right. We get the colour right. If you look closely, we have different colour tones for highlights and shadows on the hair! Once that’s done, we just layer it on top of our constructed face and body.

Put all these elements together and ta-da!

You get the perfect unicorn! Now you know how to draw PINC unicorns.

Let’s all have a magical time together when you sign up today!

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