Mic check! PINC is BaseConf 2020’s Media Partner!

We are starting off the year with a BANG by being BaseConf 2020’s Media Partner!

Yes, we will be crossing the causeway to attend and report on the FIRST EVER Regional Business and Technology Conference happening in Iskandar Malaysia!

Held from January 15 to 16, 2020, it is organised by START Malaysia and Techsauce Media Thailand, BaseConf 2020 will bring upon two days of conferences, exhibitions, masterclasses, and workshops. There will be a showcase of the local startup ecosystem along with information sharing so that the community will be better knitted to move forward faster and more effectively.

Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Iskandar Puteri will play host, showcasing the local startup scene along with notable personalities in the startup and technology industries in Southeast Asia. Among them are leaders from big-name companies such as Alibaba, Traveloka, Ant Financial, and Techstars to name a few.

There are talks and panel discussions on the agenda. Some of the topics we are intrigued by are The Art of Investing In Emerging Markets : Why The Time To Invest Is Now, Should We Expand Now? Knowing When & Where To Grow Your Startup, and Mental Health & Self Care : What Founders Can Learn From The Best Coach & Athletes To Maintain Peak Performance.

The complete agenda can be accessed here.

If you are in business, looking to launch a startup or are interested to know more about the community before deciding to dabble in the business, you are very welcomed to register for it!

There are three types of entry tickets; Student, Regular and Exclusive. However, because you heard it here first, you are entitled to get 10% OFF by entering the code Pincstyle10.

If you register as a Student (USD$39), you get access to the Conference Stage and Exhibition Hall. For those with the Regular tickets (USD$79), you will be able to access the Conference Stage, Exhibition Hall, Workshops, Business & Investor Matching Sessions, Video Recording & Slides and get invited to the Networking Session. You could also opt for the Exclusive ticket (USD$139) that allows you to access the Conference Stage, Exhibition hall, Workshops, Business Matching Lounge, Video Recording & Slides, Networking Sessions, Buffet Lunch for 2 days and VIP Dinner with Speakers & Investors.

Interested parties can get tickets at https://baseconf.eventbrite.sg?discount=Pincstyle10 while potential exhibitors can sign up at https://baseconf.com/exhibit/.

Since PINC is an official media partner of BaseConf 2020, a 10% discount for event participants and a 20% discount for exhibitors can be redeemed. Just remember to type in Pincstyle10 at checkout.

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