Spooky PINCsters win rewards during #pinchalloween

You got SPOOKY, you snapped it, and now you’re in for a TREAT!

We saw all saw your spooky and creative Halloween costumes tagged and uploaded on PINC and we loved your dedication to making such crafty transformations. Awesome job!

But the spook-tastic season doesn’t stop there. Yes, we know how much you love PINC. As a social commerce platform, content creators get direct reward points for their posts. So the more you share your content, tag products, comment, like or post the more you earn!

And speaking of earning, #pinchalloween contest ran from last October 30 to November 8, 2019, and we’re so excited to announce the winners of the campaign. The winners will be gifted the following:

3 winners will win up to 9,000 PINC points worth USD 45 each
10 winners will win up to 4,000 PINC points worth USD 20 each

(Other prizes from our sponsors are also available for Singapore-based participants.)

We saw your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and PINC with the tag #pinchalloween and @pincstyle and now we are rewarding you with treats for being creative, fun, and spooky.

Drum roll, please!

The FIRST THREE WINNERS are @clydzydrick, @atara, and @katrina with 9,000 PINC points worth USD 45 each. Your transformations were so scary, it made our hairs stand on end!

And because we are overwhelmed by your amazing efforts in showing off your Halloween costumes, we chose TEN more winners! The following winners will get 4,000 PINC points worth USD 20 each.

Here are the 10 winners in any particular order:

1. @kai18
2. @clareen726
3. @ninajoson
4. @kookypie.d
5. @kai181414
6. @zenjiparrone
7. @micauzziel
8. @asameow17
9. @medelyn
10. @maine081012

Wish you were one of the lucky ones? Don’t miss out on all the fun contests! Get updates and cashback by posting your photos at www.thepeoplesinc.org! Sign up now!

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