PINC in the Philippines

PINC heads to the Pearl of the Orient, paying a visit to our colleagues in the Philippines and to show some love for our collaborative partners in fashion AUMA, on their launch.

AUMA is a fashion styling firm based in the Philippines founded by Mika Cabrera. Via a mutual vision shared by both founders of each respective company, PINC and AUMA have gone into a collaborative partnership that aims at helping people discover their best selves through an enhanced sense of personal style.

With this, PINC makes inroads into the Philippines and ventures beyond Singapore; making fashion more accessible and demystifying the intimidating veil of fashion being intended mostly for celebrities.

Especially in the era of social media, it is no surprise that the desire to express oneself via fashion is becoming a trendy phenomenon. Social media usage within the Philippines has increased from 53.9 million users in 2018 to 55.9 users in 2019, and up to 62.5 million users projected for 2023. It is no surprise then that the Philippines is regarded as the social media capital of the world, as most social media users have a usage time of about four hours per day.

From the numbers stated above, it is evident that social media usage within the Philippines is increasing. Therefore PINC is here to hop on the bandwagon and spread the word; helped along by a nation possessing a good command of the English language.

More so, it gives us the avenue of empowering individuals and allowing them to achieve their sartorial vision; to drive the message that an individual’s inner creativity can be expressed through the clothes and accessories they adorn.

“We wanted to support AUMA and its founder Mika Cabrera because we support the message to spread that fashion is a means to elevate your confidence.” Sabrina Wang, CEO and founder of PINC.

We are excited to see other opportunities unfold in the Philippines so, wish us luck!

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