Going deeper into blockchain technology: Roundtable discussion

BlockSpace Asia 2018’s final event included a roundtable discussion, “The Past, Present, and Future of Supply Chain, FMCG, and Retail; Connecting with Social Commerce and Blockchain,” for the most exclusive set of invitees.

To keep you in the loop of the whos, whats, and hows in the world of the blockchain, some insights by the speakers will be recapped here, starting with the thoughts of Pak Teng Chow, the CEO of Blockvital and president of BlockSpace Asia. In blockchain technology, or in the entire universe of technology for that matter, many individuals are confused as to who or what to trust, and whether something can be useful to them. Pak Teng Chow focuses on this matter as he mentions that the hype involved in the cryptocurrency market which may have had led to retail investors falling prey to “bad investments.” In particular, the “fancy websites” and “esteemed advisor teams” may sound like an instant solution to other individuals, which is too good to be true, as more “in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technology” is needed.

In line with this statement on the much-needed re-education or further education into the blockchain, Pak Teng Chow heads the promising start-up, Blockvital, which is the official educating arm of BlockSpace Asia. With this event, Blockvital aims to bridge the gap between the common man and the seemingly hard-to-understand world of blockchain by bringing them up to speed on the relevant blockchain and crypto knowledge. More so, they “strive to promote the good use of blockchain to build the businesses of tomorrow.” In the roundtable series, specifically, corporations and thought leaders benefit through discussions on more profound and valuable insights on how blockchain is a necessary rock of support in the evolution and ease of supply chains.

Another bigwig industry, Davy Goh, CEO of BCoin, also gives us his insight into blockchain. First on the list was the event itself, BlockSpace Asia 2018, which he had described as an avenue for a “dynamic network of opportunities” for everyone, be it investors, ICO founders, or the simple everyday man who’s passionate about blockchain. Within the event, they can interact directly with each other, enabling the formation of possible business relationships that may take blockchain ventures to another level.

Regarding the Linfinity Roundtable, it was regarded as a necessary event to lower everyone’s guard regarding discussions in the blockchain. Since it was in an informal setting, individuals were able to comfortably discuss innovation and the oozing entrepreneurial spirit within the blockchain community. After, he expresses his opinions on the blockchain space. For the blockchain community to expand exponentially, and to give more opportunities for other people, the “seasoned brick and mortar” TOP of management of large companies should offer a more active role in engaging the blockchain community.

Mr Anndy Lian of Linfinity came right after. As there are apprehensions in the security and authenticity of blockchain and supply-related issues, his speech can sure calm most storms related to the practicality of blockchain. Linfinity’s Blockchain Technology is the one-stop security solution to retailers and brand owners, since it aids in the protection of their brand IP, and provides consumers assurance on the authenticity of their transactions. Like Davy, he has high hopes for the growth of blockchain technology, and supports that its growth lies in all of us!

As we’re talking about the security Linfinity can provide, PINC would, of course, join in the bandwagon! Through partnering with Linfinity, PINC, as CEO Sabrina Wang says, “aims to leverage on the transparency and accountability of blockchain technology and to act as an advocate for craftsmen,” thereby ensuring authenticity.

Finally, the genius behind Blockconnectors, Ong Junhao presented his take on blockchain technology. Like our previous speakers, Junhao expresses his great support on the events held at BlockSpace Asia 2018, as it adds value to the current controversies in the blockchain, with the discussion that debunks unnecessary fears and gives light to hidden problems.

To specify, BlockSpace Asia 2018 was a success regarding its stable organisation, and the ease of all individuals to approach each other, building quality networks freely and easily. One point to take note for future improvement, however, was to have a shorter time for some events to add more items that will not only pique their interest but broaden their idea on blockchain as well. Also, he describes blockchain technology as a necessary step in optimising the efficiency of the supply chain.

In conclusion, the BlockSpace Asia Convention was a success in bringing together everyone who is currently in the industry, and those want to venture into that field. The event was filled with engaging talks, and the speakers were able to introduce the vital role blockchain has in the improvement of many of our processes, and how blockchain will keep evolving in the coming years. To those who are still a little nervous and need some help in understanding some of the terms in the blockchain, coming to the next convention would be an excellent idea for BlockSpace Asia can connect the pioneers in the blockchain industry with their audience, customers, people in business, and whoever is interested in blockchain easily.

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