Mind-boggling panel discussions at the BlockSpace Asia: Blockchain in Real Estate

BlockSpace Asia is a community that wants to encourage start-ups and SMEs to pursue blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and broad technology by providing events that educate anyone who may be interested in the world of cryptocurrency. Through their activities, people have the chance to speak with the pioneers in the industry, and it also presents opportunities for them to further their experience in the blockchain.

As BlockSpace Asia has previously brought us blockchain in publishing, they decided to keep the ball rolling, and gave avid fans of blockchain an event that will indeed open our minds-Blockchain in Real Estate.

Many of you may be wondering, how does blockchain even relate to real estate?

Well, BlockSpace Asia has prepared the perfect answer to your queries by organising this event, Blockchain in Real Estate, which was held on October 31, 2018, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at 78 Shenton Way, #25-02, Singapore. This event consists of mind-boggling panel discussions and showcases on the relationship between the crypto industry and real estate.

For those of you who were unable to go, you missed an event to remember!

The speakers and panellists that made the event a success included Kiegan Chia, the CEO of DirectHome, Tan Kok Keong, the COO and co-founder of FundPlaces, Darren Chua, the advisor of REIDAO, and Wing Puah, the project coordinator of XinFin. Some of the topics that were thoroughly discussed by them during the event consisted of platforms that take away the need for middleman businesses, transferring of land ownership through blockchain technology, novel ways of investing in property, lack of transparency and mistakes in public records, and using smart contract for transferring deeds and land ownership.

Everything you needed to know about how blockchain can be utilised in real estate has been discussed on that day! Thus, if you are having regrets, make sure you never miss another event by BlockSpace Asia.

This event would not be possible without BlockSpace Asia’s partners and sponsors: Bcoin, PINC, DirectHome, FundPlaces, Reidao, XinFin, Wantedly, Ikiguide.

See you at the next event!

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