BlockSpace Asia: Blockchain in Publishing

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with BlockSpace Asia, they’re a team of professionals that organises events targeted to all avid fans of the blockchain industry, to come together and share their ideas. Without fail, BlockSpace Asia has done it successfully again with their recently concluded event, BlockSpace Asia: Blockchain in Publishing. Through this event, goers are given the opportunity to expand and further their network, while also gaining the experience and strategies of the people they will interact with, which they can further apply in their careers.

The event, which was held last September 28, 2018, from 7pm to 10pm, was moderated by Patrick Tan, partner and general counsel at Compton Hughes. The event, on the whole, aimed to tackle how your company can be featured in media, while giving a better view on how to gain a foothold through blockchain within the media industry. If you have had significant problems in getting your company noticed, this event would’ve been the one for you! Not to worry; however, I am sure you will have other opportunities from BlockSpace Asia in the near future.

For those interested in digital marketing, or in any branch of publishing, this event would have piqued your interest! To start, there was a showcase presentation on: “Media and Publishing – Past, Present and Future,” which was followed by a panel discussion on, “How will the blockchain disrupt or innovate the publishing world?”

Indeed, although the time given was limited, most of our minds were invigorated due to the out-of-this-world opinions of the panel members. It would be a shame if you were not able to go, as most of the panel members and speakers were the top tier in the blockchain industry. Most of the problems you have experienced in publishing, they were able to discuss thoroughly and were able to provide adept solutions.

These panel members include Ian Mckee, CEO of Vuulr, Grace Tang, CFO of PINC, Peggy Heng, CEO of FESO Asia, Leonard Tan, co-founder of Torus, Olivier Burlot, CEO of Heart Media, Sabrina Wang, CEO of PINC, and finally, Soh Wan Wei, founder of IKIGUIDE.

This event may be over, but there will be more opportunities in the future for another insightful event by BlockSpace Asia. So do not forget to grab those tickets as soon as possible, lest you miss another successful discussion like this!

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