PINC, creating a fairer platform for all stakeholders

In the current technological era, almost everyone’s on social media. It’s practically a miracle to know someone who does not have an account in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Because of our fast-paced environment, many of us need to connect through online means. Even in fashion, most girls look at the pages of Influencers, artists, models, and fashion designers, to know the latest style worn.

However, there seems to be an unfair distribution of benefits in the current state of this online platform. For most people who post their content online, the brands they wear can get free marketing, and yet these people who post get nothing in return. A bit unfair, isn’t it?

Well, to solve this problem, PINC is the right platform for you. We aren’t suggesting for you to stop posting your content online. Instead, we are encouraging you to post in a site that gives you the right compensation that should be given to you. With PINC, you can post about your latest style, and by getting likes, or “PINCs,” you can exchange these to actual currency or tokens. To add to the fun, getting comments or just merely uploading content can also incur tokens.

To assure you of its security and legitimacy, PINC is also in the process of launching its ICO of tokens based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. These tokens can be bought in the website and earned through interacting within PINC-posting and getting likes or comments can be converted to money. Also, the founders of PINC are avid believers in blockchain technology, since this will assure that all transactions made within the website are authentic and secure.

To conclude, PINC is a social commerce platform that connects content creators, shoppers, brands, and analysts through a very user-friendly website. By using this platform, you are supporting PINC’s advocacy to incentivise all stakeholders, especially content creators who are most often than not forgotten in the scheme of things. We’d love for you to be part of this growing platform, so go to to know more. Register and start earning ASAP!

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