PINC Photoshoot with Wantedly

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”, and that’s what PINC is all about. Check out our fun behind-the-scenes photos from the recent photoshoot of PINC team together with WANTEDLY!

It was definitely one for the books as both companies with the same hardworking and passionate team, or rather, family – spent the day with entertaining activities – from playing table-tennis, some tête-à-tête, to insights too!

Our recent photo shoot was a great mix of fun and play.

“I believe that a balanced work and life balance is essential for my team. As you can see, there is indeed no dull moment when I’m with them.” said Sabrina Wang, founder and CEO of PINC.

Meet the PINC team.

We are a social platform that incentivises users to share their content on our platform in exchange of actual currency or tokens. In addition, you can also acquire tokens just by receiving comments or uploading content regularly on the said platform.

Wantedly originated from Japan, with the purpose of being a To introduce Wantedly, it is basically an idea born in Japan, and is currently a business SNS for all workers that aims to connect, discover, and engage with hiring companies. As a matter of fact, it is Japan’s largest business social networking service. For more information, follow them on Facebook  or visit their website at

Overall, PINC aims to connect content creators, shoppers, brands, and analysts through a very user-friendly website. By using this platform, you are supporting PINC’s advocacy to incentivise all stakeholders, especially content creators who are most often than not forgotten in the scheme of things. We’d love for you to be part of this growing platform, so go to to know more.

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