BlockSpace Asia 2018 – Fashion show “Women of influence, technology in style” by FESO Asia

Hmmm, now who do we have next?

Well, the much awaited, pride and glory, sweat and tears, PINC! As many of you all know, well those of you who frequent our website anyway, PINC is a user-friendly platform for all fashion enthusiasts out there. With one click of a button, PINC enables users to “PINC” on certain fashion item in pictures, with the end goal of building a digital clique that connects marketers to their buyers efficiently, transparently, and securely– all the while maintaining the ease of our users in getting insights to the most trending looks!

As BlockSpace Asia 2018 is nearing its end, we are much delighted to have been able to witness the last two panel discussions. The first of which, “Security Issues of Blockchain,” tackles the many doubts and fears of those involved in the much sensitive information present in the world wide web.

This intriguing discussion was led by Neo Junhao of Fortiedge, Kenneth Hu of Blockchain & Dapps Technology, Francis Sim of PINC, and Kevin Yang of Shares Coin.

Final, the crème de la crème of all our panel discussions, we had “Co-innovation and Internationalisation.” As one of the most informative and beguiling lectures that the audience looked forward to, it is only natural to provide them with the industry’s best as the panelists, which included Jeffrey Sea of Quest Ventures, Ethan Ng of Huobi Global, Cody Lee of Singapore Business Federation, Darren Chua of Fairway Resources, and finally, Alan Ng of IPOS Society.

At the height of the excitement, the event finally revealed a most momentous occasion, the signing of the MOU among the leading SMEs, Linfinity, PINC, FESO Asia, and

So, what is there left to do after a day’s hard work?

Nothing else, but party at The Zouk, of course!

Make sure to never miss the next BlockSpace Asia, see you soonest!

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