Best pet TikTok challenges

TikTok is one of the most visited and most downloaded social media applications today. It has become one of the fastest-growing platforms in social media as everyone seems to be so fond of it.

If you are not part of the ‘millennials’, you’re probably wondering what’s TikTok. Well, it is a platform used in making and sharing short videos. What’s interesting here is that users can freely edit their videos and choose which filter to use, what music to insert, what sound effect is good, and they can also duplicate videos to make it look like they’re in it. Because of these, videos made from TikTok became more entertaining and visible to the internet world.

Did you know that pets are on TikTok too?

Yes! Apparently, pet owners include their pets in their videos to make it funnier and more entertaining. They post these videos using a hashtag – and these hashtags are actually “challenges” that anybody can recreate or participate in.

If you’re in for a good laugh or a quick entertainment, or you just need a short break from your busy schedule, check out these pet challenges we found on TikTok:

The obstacle challenge

This challenge includes obstacles and the pet owners wonder how their pets will react to it. Will they walk past it? Will they stay behind? Will they knock over anything? Whether they care or not, the look on their faces is too cute and funny!

The blanket challenge

Also known as the hide and seek challenge. The owner will play with his/her pet, then hide behind a blanket, then run somewhere before dropping the blanket, making it look like they disappear. This has got the pets confused and it is hilarious!

The dogs react challenge

This challenge is about seeing the dog’s reaction when they listen to random sounds from their owners. The reaction while they tilt their head is just so adorable!

The level up challenge

This one is where the pets have to jump over tissue rolls that get higher and higher at each level. It’s amazing to see how these pets can jump so high!

These pets have definitely taken the spotlight and we just want to see more! We hope we lightened up your mood with these videos.

How about your fur babies? Show off what they can do and share it with us at People’s Inc.

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