New year, new home

Ring in the new year! What better way to welcome the new year than a home makeover that’s long overdue.
Have the best new year, new home experience with household items that’ll definitely spruce up your abode.


We love candles! Classy and intimate, adding candles to your living space definitely sets the mood. Its fragrance, when lit will keep your guests feeling welcome and relaxed. When arranged pleasantly throughout the room, candles will light up your home literally and figuratively! Get the best candle inspiration at Shopbop starting with this beautiful L’or de Seraphine Turnowsky Candle Gift Set.

Teddy bears

Having an adorable teddy bear by the window is becoming a major trend. In fact, it has become part of the new normal with many kids quarantining at home. Instead of wasting hours on the TV or playing video games, parents are driving their children around the neighbourhood in a great teddy bear hunt. You can even see the most unique and cutest teddy bears they find featured on social media. While most of us have yet to catch up with this trend, everyone can agree that teddy bears add a little warmth and cosiness in any home. Fall in love with Gift Boutique’s teddy bears. Soft and cuddly, it’s just what your home needs!


Aren’t pillow just great? Apart from being our reliable headrest, they can be used for accents. Place some on the bed, sofa, even on the dining chairs. Voila! You’ve changed up the look of your living space with a handful of decorative cushions. Set the tone with this hand-loomed square knit cashmere pillow with multi-coloured stripes from The Elder Statesman available online at SSENSE.

Aromatherapy diffusers

It’s not enough for your home to look great. You can also make it smell great. Thanks to an aromatherapy diffuser, you can do that! It disperses the most delicate of fragrances into the air giving you that much-needed break after a gruelling day at work! You’ll definitely love this Coco Coco Room Diffuser from Coqui Coqui Perfumes. Add to cart at SSENSE today!

Table lamps

Aren’t table lamps just awesome? Not only do they make an exquisite focal point in any room, but they also provide adequate illumination for you. Now that’s the very definition of functional style. This minimalist Black Graphite Cliff Table Lamp from Lambert & Fils is all that you need! Made of powder-coated brass and marble in tones of grey and white for its pedestal, you can’t get any more elegant than this! Get it from SSENSE today.
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