Fall fashion trends you need to know

The fall season is here! Be the alpha fashionista by knowing the best fall fashion trends in 2020. Check them out below!

Pretty in print

We’re celebrating the start of the fall season with rich prints! From floral and animal to eye-catching polka dots, look pretty in the most luxurious prints you can find! Wear those prints loud and proud.

Rose print midi dress in sustainable viscose black

In living colour

The fall season is known for a lot of neutral shades. We were expecting a lot of browns, greys, and muted oranges but not this year. As if to counter the doom and gloom this pandemic has brought with it, we see a lot of shocking brights – from the pinkest of pinks to the greenest of greens, usher in the start of the fall season in living, breathing, vibrant colours!

Metallic stripe maxi dress with sustainable viscose orange

Classic maxi

While it does get a lot chillier than usual, the classic maxi has become the fall alternative of choice. People are ditching the bulky, oversized sweaters paired with fitting pants, and the classic maxi dresses have taken over in a big way. Achieve nothing but perfection by wearing the most gorgeous, flowy maxi ever! Don’t forget to get a matching coat for when it gets cold. Complete the look with a beautiful pair of boots.

Metallic stripe maxi dress with sustainable viscose ivory

No cold shoulder here

Shoulder bags and sling bags have become favourite fashion accessories. And rightly so! They aptly complete that classic, slightly bohemian look that has become hugely popular this season.

Leather and suede cross-body bag

Ribbons are back

Major fashion throwback alert! Dresses with delicate ribbons are definitely back. Super exquisite, ultra-classy, and divinely feminine, these dresses with bows worn on the side or back are wonderful fall fashion staples. 

Roza embellished midi dress teal

Seeking even more inspiration where fall fashion trends are concerned? Monsoon is here to provide you with the best and trendy fashion for any season! Hop on here!

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