Best Chinese New Year goodies

February 12, 2021, is fast approaching and you know what that means? It’s Chinese New Year, everyone!

No celebration would be complete without the best Chinese New Year goodies to feast on this red-letter-day. Here are the top five on our list!

Pineapple tarts

Photo credit: Milk & Dust

We all love pineapple tarts, and they seem to be a lot sweeter when served during Chinese New Year. Did you know that “ong lai” which is the Hokkien translation of pineapple means “fortune come?” With so much craziness that was 2020, everyone can agree that we need a massive dose of fortune so keep those pineapple tarts coming!

Salted egg fish skin

Photo credit: Time Out

While this is one Chinese New Year snack that is popular all year long, you’ve got to get the right amount of crunchy crisp of fish skin combined with delectable salted egg yolk. Truly mouth-watering, it doesn’t come as a surprise why this is such an addictive New Year treat!

Chinese pork jerky (Bak kwa)

Photo credit: 8 Days

Don’t we all love bak kwa! This smoky-flavoured dried meat was once a luxury food but has become a popular Chinese New Year delicacy. Giving bak kwa to family and friends symbolises your prayer that they will be prosperous all year-long. Now that’s more than enough reason to include bak kwa in our top five list!

Peanut cookies

Photo credit: Milk & Dust

Authentic Chinese peanut cookies are the sweetest treats that deserve a rightful place in the top 5 Chinese New Year goodies. Made from powdered peanuts that were shelled and roasted; they are then mixed with sugar, oil, and flour to create the cookie dough that we all love! A modern twist is adding peanut butter in the mix making it a lot sweeter.

Love letters

Photo credit: Whisk N Fold

Love letter pastries are just adorable, right? Said to be inspired by waffles, these pastries are made from a thin layer of batter poured on an iron mould then baked over charcoal. Once baked, they are rolled into a cylindrical shape much like a rolled-up letter. Now you can fall in love with your own batch of Kuih Kapit!

Do you have other favourite Chinese New Year goodies that did not make our list? Feel free to share them with us when you sign up here today!

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