How sportswear has become high fashion streetwear

Make way for the biggest trend in town – athleisure!

Fitness wear is no longer confined in the gym or a yoga studio. Now, sportswear has morphed into high fashion everyday wear, and we super love it! It only goes to show the healthy lifestyle has definitely taken over!

While athleisure is currently a multi-million dollar industry, it’s actually nothing new. During the 20s, tennis fashion became hugely popular. Tennis shirts, pleated skirts, and earlier versions of sneakers became synonymous with private tennis clubs and aristocracy. More and more people wanted to achieve such a preppy look. The result? Tennis sportswear became a staple fashion statement in everyday life.

We’ve come a long way from tennis fashion as the leading sportswear and everyday streetwear crossover. Here is the most popular go-to sportswear that is versatile enough to be used as streetwear.

Converting sportswear to high fashion streetwear is not too tall of an order, especially when you opt for pieces from Lorna Jane Active Living. They provide a rich selection of sportswear that can be used to boost one’s wardrobe! This includes:

Biker shorts
Biker shorts have become a staple for the summer season! You can match it with a plethora of things – a sports bra, a tank top, a short or long-sleeved crop top. By being keen on styling, you can transform biker shorts to high fashion apparel. Don’t forget to accessorise and mind your feet!

Stumped on thinking about how you can style biker shorts? Here are some looks you can definitely go for and rock your athleisure look! And just to cut off your search time, we’re recommending you similar products to achieve the following looks:

Look #1: Tank top with biker shorts

Cut out cropped tank

Everyday zip bike short

Look #2: Oversized tee with biker shorts

Iconic oversized burnout tee

Energise original short tight

Look #3: Crop top with a blazer and high-waisted biker shorts

It girl boyfriend blazer

Amy phone pocket bike short

But hey, athleisure doesn’t just limit to biker shorts. Here are more trending fitness wear that people are strutting down the road:

From Rita Ora to Bella Hadid to most of the Kardashians to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton herself – everybody has been photographed wearing a tracksuit while they’re out and about. Comfortable and versatile, this suit can easily go from sportswear to streetwear just like that. With massive celebrity approval, we foresee that this tracksuit trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Comfort tracksuit pant

Team Pride
Football, baseball, and basketball jerseys are not just mere uniforms. They symbolise team pride and the fans are not exactly shy in showing off. This is why there’s a thriving market for football, baseball, and basketball jerseys. Fans love to wear their favourite athlete’s jersey while they’re out and about. This trend has changed how we view jerseys – they’re not only meant for athletes, but for anyone who loves the sport.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Preppy vibe
Ever since tennis wear morphed into everyday clothing in the 1920s, tennis-inspired OOTD became the very definition of what it is to be preppy. That is why tennis shirts and short pleated skirts with sneakers is a look that will continue to stand the test of time.

Photo credit: Style Uncovered

Yoga pants
A good pair of leggings makes it a lot easier to move about. This is where yoga pants come in. Well-constructed and breathable, this type of pants is as functional as it is comfortable.

Dash ankle biter leggings

Ready to give biker shorts and athleisure, in general, a try? Then start shopping today at Lorna Jane Active Living right here!

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