Fashionable workout essentials you’ll love

This pandemic all but grounded physical activity. With work from home becoming the norm, it’s so easy to slide down the rabbit hole of a sedentary lifestyle. It’s time to change all that! Be inspired to sweat it out with these marvellous work out essentials!

Tank Tops
From razorback to cropped tops to a full top that’s slim-fitting and stretchy, you’ve got a whole host of tank tops to choose from. The best thing about it is that you can wear them even out of the gym. Put on a light flannel cardigan, and you’re off!

Off duty rib tank

Sports bras
It comes to no surprise to us that sports bras are one of the chic elements in activewear. Providing function and fashion, sports bras can be considered as a sportswear staple. I mean – every celebrity and influencers are rocking them outside! What’s more? You can basically incorporate them into your everyday outfits and give yourself a fresh new look! Pair up with baggy jeans or trousers to give more of a balanced look or with biker shorts with a blazer thrown on top – it’s so versatile so you can mix your match until you find something that fits your style.

Infinite long line bra

Pocket leggings
Leggings with pockets? Oh yes, please! Pocket leggings have become all the rage for fitness enthusiasts. Just like tank tops, leggings are pretty versatile, which means you can wear them while you’re working out or when you’re out and about. Adding pockets on these reliable pieces of the garment is the proverbial cherry on top! Now, you don’t have to worry about where to stash your keys, cards, phone, cash, and other valuables while you hit the gym!

Amy phone pocket ankle biter leggings

Lace up ankle biter tight

Water bottle
Using water bottles is not only practical, but it’s also a massive hug to the environment. How so? Well, by using a reusable water bottle, you don’t add to the waste every time you use a disposable cup when you work out. So make Mother Nature smile with a good, old water bottle. For your safety, be extra careful with the material, features, and design of your portable bottle of choice.

I need a drink 1l water bottle

Taking control of your busy schedule and tracking your progress is a must if you want to achieve optimal fitness goals. This is why this Lorna Jane 12 Week Active Living Planner is one of our top recommendations. Be on top of your life in and out of the gym with this awesome planner. Check it out right here.

Active Living Planner

Yoga Mat
Yoga has become a go-to mode of working out not only for its physical benefits but its mental rewards as well. The perfect start and/or end of a busy day, yoga will keep you calm and centred while being lean and strong. For non-slip yoga mats, hop on here!

Ultimate non-slip yoga mat

You wouldn’t want pesky hair strands to get in the way when you’re fully focused on your work out right? That’s what headbands are for! Here are some soft and comfortable headbands that’ll complement your regular gym routine.

Slim line head band

A gym towel is your best friend during and after a good workout. It keeps germs at bay while it keeps you cool and dry. In choosing the best towels to complement your active lifestyle, you’d have to look into their material, size and weight, and absorbency. The best materials for gym towels are cotton fibre, cotton-polyester blends, microfiber, linen, and bamboo. For size and weight, the general rule is that it can be easily rolled up to fit your gym bag without causing undue pressure on your shoulder when you carry it around. For absorbency, the more absorbent it is, the better! You may want to check out Lorna Jane’s best-reviewed towel right here.

Icon sweat towel

So there you have it! Your workout essentials for a fun and satisfying workout. More sportswear options from our go-to active lifestyle essentials partner, Lorna Jane!

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