How PINC unicorns came to be

Unicorns are mythical creatures known for their long, pointed, and spiralling horn jut out of their forehead. Majestic and mysterious, these creatures symbolise grace and healing. These breathtaking, magical creatures are the chosen mascots of People’s Inc. (also known as PINC)!

Why Unicorns?
Did you know that the word unicorn does not only refer to a creature of legends but is actually a term commonly used in business? Yes, it is! A unicorn, in business parlance, refers to a small business or startup company that has a value of over USD 1 billion. It was first used in 2013 and is attributed to venture capitalist Aileen Lee. She used the word unicorn to describe this type of companies because just like the mythical creature, such success is very, very rare.

This is yet another reason why PINC uses unicorns! Not only is a unicorn a creature of legends, but it also stands for immense success, a worthwhile goal that PINC endeavours to achieve through its various digital media initiatives.

Attracting the magic of Unicorns
We, at PINC, believe that such a goal is not too far to reach. Our advantage? Being a platform that allows YOU, everyday social media users, to discover and shop for things that you love while getting paid to share. We are a community of influencers where content is king. This fresh approach to social media, we believe, is a groundbreaking concept that allows us to break from the mould. We are the People’s Inc, a platform made by the people, for the people. By democratising the commercial world and allowing YOU to take a share of the earnings, at PINC, we can all be winged unicorns all ready to take flight!

Are you ready to soar up high and be the majestic unicorn that you are? Then sign up today when you click here. Our story is only beginning.

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