People’s Inc. (PINC) launched its marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) solution during the pandemic to aid and serve small businesses in Singapore

The Wix and Shopify for small businesses’ social presence.
Combined with an affordable creative and content add-on service.
Adding the power of word of mouth marketing digitalised with influencers and public relations.

Singapore, August 5th, 2020 – It’s time to face the hard truth, COVID-19 has changed the world’s view and marketing configuration on both the international and domestic level. According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight, 30 percent of respondents stated they purchased at least several times a month online during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore as of May 2020. In contrast, only three percent stated they purchased every day online. The same survey shows that Singaporeans made more online purchases during the pandemic.

Change is inevitable; the COVID-19 pandemic simply provoked a new spike in digitalisation, pushing businesses to evolve and innovate while changing the consumer behaviours in purchasing.

What was done offline is now done online, and for companies with the know-how, it has been done effectively and efficiently. It’s time to make marketing decisions to prevent this transformation from becoming a disadvantage for your business.

In light of this shift, People’s Inc. (PINC), a Singapore startup that previously raised USD 250,000 in an investment round led by Quest Ventures, launched its marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) under the brand name People’s Inc. 360, or PINC 360 for short, to aid and serve small businesses in Singapore.

“Like omnipresent retail, marketing is no longer a singular form of engagement. Hence, focusing on one aspect in a race of time is insufficient. Marketing, in essence, requires multiple forms of approach to result in a successful campaign,” said Sabrina Wang, founder of People’s Inc. (PINC). She added, “However, this is not something most small businesses can afford given the effort and cost. As such, PINC 360 aims to develop a platform that allows the essential four verticals for digitalisation; Technology, Social Media, Influencer and Public Relations, making it affordable for the small businesses.”

Currently, PINC 360 has launched its “Wix and Shopify for small businesses’ social presence” platform. What does that mean? Effectively, the platform is a simple tool to grow a small business with social media content.

It competes with visual design companies like Canva, Adobe Spark, and DIFM (‘do-it-for-me’) companies that do custom social content for small and medium businesses. DIFM-companies tend to cost around SGD 1,000 to 4,000 per month, which is pricey for small businesses. PINC 360 starts at USD 45 (platform-based) and DIFM at SGD 388 per month.

The platform helps small business owners understand what specific content to post for their particular business. When to post, how often, what copy, design, call to actions and hashtags to use on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Then the user needs to make final customisation and approve content for the whole month. The platform has access to 100,000+ templates and images.

PINC 360 will post automatically at the right time and frequency, thus doing the heavy lifting for small business owners who really wouldn’t know where to begin creating and sharing content about their business.

Given that most small business owners usually do their social media, they’d probably happily drop USD 45 a month on a platform that came up with ideas they could use and approve every month. Goodbye, social media consultants? This could well be the case, at least at this level.

Since the launch in June 2020, thus far, they have over 100 accounts on the platform, with 40 DIFM. “We could have done more,” said Chow Pak Teng, CEO and co-founder of People’s Inc. (PINC). He added, “However, we do not want to compete with the likes of Hootsuite or Later. We are currently catering to the less savvy audience that doesn’t know-how; they need more help. Also, by doing so, we’d be able to understand the needs better and enhance the platform with what is required.”

“The social media automation tool is the first product in our collection,” says Sabrina Wang. She added, “We’ll be adding tools to better influencer engagement, website and e-commerce, and public relations.”

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About People’s Inc. (PINC)

Founded in 2018, People’s Inc. (PINC) is made for the people, by the people. At People’s Inc. (PINC), we intend to democratise the commercial world and allow users to take a share of those earnings.

PINC ( is a lifestyle platform to discover and shop for things you love; while getting paid at the same time! #GetPaidToPost

PINC 360 ( is an integrated marketing platform that connects small and medium businesses, agencies, and multi-location brands, automates their marketing and engages with its audiences across platforms.

Hand in hand, we connect ‘the people’ with the brands and vice versa.

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