Best Christmas gifts for her

It’s that time of the year once again when we get to make our loved ones feel special. For some, this can be a fun process, but for some, it can get especially excruciating when looking for the perfect present for those who have practically everything they need.
There’s absolutely no need to worry! Here are five excellent ideas for gifts for her that will make that special woman in your life truly happy this holiday season.

Flower bouquets

Flowers always make it to the list of gifts for her simply because they automatically put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient. The best thing today is that you can actually get unique bouquet arrangements online and have them delivered on the same day. Make her feel special with a breathtaking floral bouquet especially created for her.
Don’t know where to find? Here’s a piece of good news. Little Flower Hut will help you do just that! They offer one of the best flower delivery services in Singapore and we bet you’ll have a hard time choosing from their wide range of flowers and bouquets. You can even choose your personalised delivery options! We covered more in-depth of Little Flower Hut in this blog so we recommend you to check it out for more information!

Self-care journals and planners

2020 had been a crazy year, to say the least. A self-care journal or a planner is an excellent way to reboot, to restart, hopefully, a better 2021.

Skincare and body care products

Yes, skincare and body care are a basic necessity, but they also make great gifts for her to actually use! I mean, which lady wouldn’t want to pamper herself with that fancy facial toner or face wash to refresh their day? We know we do! So, we’re recommending a go-to brand of ours – WD TCM Natural Cosmetics! They use natural ingredients which will help revitalise the skin and body! Below are some of the products we love and recommend!

Statement tees

Find a statement tee that aptly encapsulates her story. From funny puns to motivational affirmations, be on the lookout for a shirt with words that will tug on those heartstrings, tickle her funny bone, or both. Anyone at the receiving end will adore this so be on the hunt for the best statement shirt for her.


Here’s a gift to show support for that special woman in your life who wants to get in shape. There are so many activewear pieces that you can choose from – a fitted gym top, yoga pants, running shorts, leggings, and sneakers, among others. Activewear is the perfect way to say you support her in her journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Some final words of advice – yes, it can get a lot intimidating with too many choices out there. Here’s a good guide. Ask yourself:

  • Will it be useful to her?
  • Does it have excellent quality?
  • Does it reflect where she is in life?
Knowing that woman is already half the battle – her interests, quirks, hobbies. This is the best place to start when choosing the best gifts for her.
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