Add a touch of leather

Fabric plays a major role in styling. In fact, it can make or break a look. That’s why we definitely recommend that you add a touch of leather and here’s why:

Leather is versatile

We love leather because it’s versatile. It’s a good addition whether you’re attending a casual event or a formal gathering. You can wear it as a clothing piece like a jacket. You can use it as an accent like a belt, wallet, or bag. You can complete your look with a beautiful pair of leather pumps or loafers. Versatility makes leather one of our top choices for fabric!

Leather is easy to match

The best thing about leather is that since they’re versatile, it’s super easy to match as we mentioned earlier. Wearing a dress? Leather pumps will complete the look. On a casual day out? Look extra fashionable with a black leather jacket and black leather boots. Do you want a smart casual look? Then wear a polo and shirt plus a pair of leather shoes. Leather goes with practically anything so having a couple of leather pieces to add to your OOTD is smart to dress up or dress down.

Leather is classic

This is one of the reasons why we adore leather – it’s timeless! Leather has been used for years and years, yet time has not tarnished its reputation – not one bit. A black leather jacket has been around since forever, and it never goes out of style. If you want to achieve a look that never goes old, then leather is the best fabric for you.

Leather is durable

Leather is known to stand the test of time, but only if you care for it, the way leather deserves. Make sure you store it in a cool, dry place and wrap it with bubble wrap when you can. To clean it, there are special cleaners made especially for leather and get a leather moisturiser while you’re at it. Clean up a stain immediately. If you take care of your leather clothes and accessories, they will surely last longer.

Leather is odour-neutral

While there’s a slight musty smell when you buy new leather, over-time this dissipates, and leather becomes odour-neutral. No matter how much you sweat or how long you stay in a restaurant known for its aromatic spices, you won’t go out smelling differently. This is because leather does not absorb odours, unlike cotton and wool. Fascinating right?
Time to let loose with creativity when you add leather to your style! Get the best leather pieces at the leading source of leather couture, PRITCH London. What are you waiting for? Check out their full leather collection today!

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