Are you ready for PINC’s new club?

Birds of a feather, flock together.

Hence, you should be careful who you flock with. But all is fine when you are flocking with us because we’ve got positive vibes and big dreams to fulfil. If you jump on the wagon with us, best believe that you’ll be making your dreams a reality too.

We’d like to think that we are a flock of pink feathered birds that get stuff done.

That is why we are launching our very first PINC Club. We are serious about what we want to achieve and we believe you do too. Hence, we have established a platform that will connect like-minded people and esteemed leaders around the globe through PINC Club.

So what is it all about?

It is a membership platform that allows you to build your own club within this entity. Through this club, members are given priority to exclusive invites to lifestyle and business events (think fashion shows, wine pairing, conferences, official openings and more) throughout the region.

Excited already?

But that is not all since we are a community, we share. That is why you will also get to enjoy exclusive privileges from other club partners and members’ products and services.

You can fly solo in this community or get your business involved if you are a business owner, Through this platform, you get special rates to co-working spaces, opportunities for media features and join the team’s business missions (with government agency support), international conferences, have a part in investment deals and be in a position to grab the opportunity to get funded by experienced investors within the club.

As of now, we are recruiting the first 100 pioneering members that will be filling up the VIP membership. At only USD 10,000 lifetime membership fee, this platform entitles you to all the VIP features and privileges.

Another option would be a monthly subscription at just USD 29, USD 99 and USD 179.

Just like that, you’d be whisked off to attend lifestyle events, overseas travel, passes to conferences and seminars for networking and priority, and discounts from our club partners.

If you are keen to know more, don’t be shy, visit us HERE!

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