PINC featured on Vulcan Post

Top tech lifestyle blog Vulcan Post recently featured PINC as Singapore’s must-see startup that allows social media users to earn cash by posting an #OOTD shot.

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In their article with the headline “This S’pore Startup Lets You Earn Cash Each Time You Upload Your #OOTD Shots”, the blog also had a talk with PINC’s CEO Sabrina Wang where she explains what actions to do on the platform for someone to earn points.

First, upload the image, tag the products on the image by selecting the brands from PINC’s catalogue – the more content you post, the more points you get. “To encourage better content on PINC, our users can ‘gift’ each other with virtual items, purchased with their PINC points,” Sabrina added.

Another advantage about this platform is that users can also earn points when their followers purchase an item from the tagged product in their post.

Overall, PINC aims to provide fairness and equality to every content creator out there. A social media user doesn’t have to be a social media influencer with thousands or millions of followers to earn from their posts.

On the other hand, we also create the opportunity for brand owners to generate sales conversion through digital marketing.

Here’s how you can gain tokens:

In addition, PINC connects content creators, shoppers, brands, and analysts through a very user-friendly website. By using this platform, you are supporting PINC’s advocacy to incentivise all stakeholders, especially content creators who are most often than not forgotten in the scheme of things. We’d love for you to be part of this growing platform, so visit to learn more.

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