PINC featured on Business Insider

From the start, we have envisioned great things for the future of PINC, many of which seemed far-fetched back then. However, because of your continued support and our dedicated team, we have achieved quite a few of our goals already.

As we being to actualise our dreams for PINC, Business Insider has also acknowledged our growing presence and featured us on one of their articles!

Isn’t that the most mind-blowing thing to experience on a seemingly ordinary day?

With the title “This Instagram-like app wants to kill off influencers’ #sponsored posts and pay regular people for posting pictures – in cryptocurrency,”, written by Rachel Chia, the article showcases what PINC does, on the whole, to create a platform for users, fashions icons, and brands to interact with each other easily. As months went on, we have started to build this dream community of ours, where your everyday folk can get paid in cryptocurrency for being digitally social!

As mentioned in the article, differing from other social media sites, PINC can provide brands with a more accurate way to measure the actual effectiveness of influencer posts accurately, thereby helping in their market analysis extensively and the best part is, all for free!

With PINC, you won’t have to deal with likes and comments from fake users. Also, Instead of #sponsored posts, your everyday OOTDs can get PINC points, which translates to additional cash, at the same time, aiding us to better know which fashion items are trending nowadays.

Not only does it help you, but established brands, such as Forever 21, Ferragamo, and Charles and Keith, have also begun using PINC since sale data that the posts generate can be more better tracked. Rather than using biased Instagram numbers, brands can more accurately measure how effective influencers indeed are for them on PINC.

As an avid shopper for anything that catches your eye, another useful feature of PINC would be online shopping.

You think we will let you wait longer for that much-coveted item?

Well, worry no more, because you can buy tagged items in an instant through our site.

For more information on the article, click here.

Indeed, it is an honour to be featured in one of the most trusted business websites, and we thank Business Insider for acknowledging PINC!

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