A major milestone achieved as PINC reached the 30,000 users mark!

Yes, that is right!

This. Is. Not. a. Drill.

Even when we thought our eyes were deceiving us, but the numbers do not lie.

PINC has officially reached the 30,000-user mark!

We at PINC cannot adequately express how grateful and proud we are to build a community that believes in our platform of connecting all users, from brand owners to your everyday folk, in the ever-evolving world of fashion with a few clicks of their fingers!

To give you a quick preview, PINC has just been launched last March 2018, and even before a year’s time, we have accomplished multiple achievements in the past few months thanks to you, the avid believer of our advocacy.

From the beginning, we have always aimed to develop a social media platform that builds a digital clique of people who are interested in fashion and lifestyle. Through posting your pictures on our site, you earn points that translate into cash, and at the same time, brands themselves will benefit from our more accurate data. Instead of unreliable “likes and comments” from other social media sites, brands will be given an accurate depiction of what really is popular or as the millennials say, #trending, nowadays!

But that is not everything! One of our most-loved features would be the option to buy an item you want in an instant. You do not need to exert the extra effort of searching for that new dress that your favourite influencer is wearing. With a single click, you can buy tagged items from posts easily!

Isn’t that just fascinating?

Our online shopping option is only possible through our recently launched feature, product tagging. Moreover, a daily trends digest is also now available on our site!

Although having 30,000 users is fantastic, we are not stopping there. PINC aims to reach more and more users in the future, and we will continue to improve our user experience as well! More friendly features that we cannot wait for you to experience will also soon be available on our website, and we hope you are just as excited as we are for them.

We may not be genies in a bottle, but we would love to fulfil your wishes! As such, in the coming months, cashing out and virtual gifting are just some of the new features you will be enjoying at PINC.

Hopefully, you continue enjoying PINC as much as we do!



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  1. I want it .. I love it and I don’t know how? I speak a little English and that’s why. Help me .. I have a PINC account # slivancevic. Is everything okay?