Grace presenting for PINC at the O2O Business Seminar Showcase

On 16 May 2018, PINC held an exhibition and seminar at the O2O Business Seminar Showcase, an event held by BuddyHub. It was a business and networking event where companies got to pitch their product to the audience through a seminar and an exhibition. The audience comprised of business owners and investors. As a participating company, we introduced the PINC platform to the audience during the seminar. We also had a booth where the audience could ask questions and try out our platform during the event.

Grace Tang, PINC’s Head of Business Development, was the one presenting for PINC at the event. It was Grace’s first time sharing about PINC in front of such a large audience. In this article, Grace would like to share a few things that she had learnt during the experience.

According to Grace, this is not her first time presenting in front of a large audience, but this experience was different than the opportunities she had before. As the duration of each seminar was relatively short, sharing about PINC in a concise manner was quite challenging. Grace found it hard to rush through the presentation slides that she realised was rather lengthy. As PINC’s concept was relatively new, there were so many details to include in the presentation deck and it was quite tough to get the message across while being pressed for time.

Despite these challenges, Grace felt satisfied with her presentation as she saw some audience looking keen to learn more about PINC. Some even came to PINC’s booth after the presentation to learn more about the platform and try it for themselves. Also, PINC managed to get our very first client from this event.

When asked about her feelings before, during and after the presentation, Grace admitted that she felt a little bit unprepared before presenting because she was not aware of the presentation format. However, she felt comfortable interacting with the audience during the event and especially happy when she saw that they understood what she was trying to explain.

The best thing about this experience for Grace is that she managed to pitch in two languages – English and Chinese – without any preparation to do so beforehand. As she observed the crowd, she realised that half of her audience was Chinese-speaking and the other half was English-speaking. She then decided to pitch in two languages on the spot!

Overall, Grace had a great time presenting for PINC during the event and she would definitely do it again in future. She has a few tips to share about preparing for presentations in general: “Firstly, know the format of the presentation so that you’ll feel prepared and you’ll know what to expect. Secondly, observe the crowd and understand your audience so that you can get the message across in the most effective and efficient manner!”

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