We are hiring!

There are always tons of things to do at a growing young start-up like PINC, and we are happy to announce that our team is expanding! We are looking for more people to onboard in planning and executing our exciting line-up from this point onwards, and we hope you will step up to join our creative team.

Who we are

PINC is a social commerce blockchain platform that incentivises content creators, helps brand owners understand their customers, provides a personalised experience for shoppers and empowers marketers with concrete data to quantify influence; all in one place.

What we do

At PINC, we incentivise users to share their content on our platform, enabling them to “pinc” (tag) products from our catalogue on their images.

Gamifying the platform, we further reward our users with PINC points for interactions, e.g. tagging products, liking posts, commenting, clicking on links, etc.; which translates to higher income for our users. In turn, brand owners gain more awareness from the product tagging, opening up more channels and higher potential sales.

Through data generated from the interactions and transactions on our platform, marketers and brand owners get to understand better our audiences’ interest and shopping behaviour; as well as the ability to identify and quantify the influence of our content creators.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our platform provides shoppers with user-generated content (UGC) personalised from their interaction, giving them inspiration and the means of more instant purchasing.

Why we do it

Let’s face a simple fact; today, most social media users do not get rewarded for generating content, period. Social media platforms that have a significant reliance on user-generated content (UGC) share an open secret: you are their revenue making machines, and you do it mostly for free (if not, you even pay for it).

Amongst the billions of content creators out there, when you share and interact on the different platforms, the platforms can exploit your content and data then cumulatively earn tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue from it. In return, average Joes like us get nothing invariably from the proceeds.

PINC endeavours to correct this imbalance and provide content generators like yourself, an opportunity to correct the unfairness.

Who we’re looking for

Simply put: enthusiastic, creative and driven individuals who love working in a dynamic start-up environment and possess great communication skills. Basically, someone who is willing to contribute and learn with gusto!

Our team members are expected to collaborate across departments and liaise with the top management on a daily basis, so teamwork and organisational skills are definite pluses.

As we’ve said in the beginning, things are moving pretty fast on a daily basis here at PINC so we’re looking for fast-learners who are adaptable and appreciate continuous feedback from the team.

If you think this description suits you, send in your résumé today at resume@pincstyle.com. We look forward to having you in the team!

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