PINC joins #QuestFamily and more!

I’m trying to do the up-close and personal thing, make this blog a little more me to you; I will be forcing the rest to contribute. After all, we’re talking about social content here, so why not right? We live what we pitch. One day, when PINC becomes super duper well-known, you’ll know that Sab is still Sab. One can only dream…

Effectively, this is the ninth week since our incorporation, and we’re thrilled to be officially part of the #QuestFamily – Quest Ventures, a leading venture fund for technology companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. (Technically, this happened May 9th, but the team and I have been tied up with just about anything and everything to sit and accurately write a blog post.)

As of today, our first press release was sent out (not sure what the response is going to be like, this is a test round before Prospr starts pushing their’s) sharing about our platform PINC which we claim as “an intriguing new platform that will be made available to help people get paid for sharing social content.”

A quick run-through about our tech, primarily we’re kinda using “advanced technologies” such as artificial intelligence with blockchain matched with gamification logic to provide a more interactive and personalised experience for users.

For you to know a little more about us, our team is made up of (as quoted from the press release), “CEO and experienced media-tech entrepreneur Sabrina Wang, COO and Inspireo’s co-founder Francis Sim, CCO and indie musician Edmund Lee, and CBDO and grassroots advocate Grace Tang.” There’s also Lee Weiling our #ladyboss (she holds some weight that we can’t disclose publically at this point haha), Kent Teo who is part of our advisory board, Xael Tan our head of UX, and the rest of the team that makes PINC awesome!

In case you’re wondering, PINC is available to users right now, although a person would have to register at and get a secret code to be eligible to sign up.

I know I’m quoting a lot from the press release, but here’s a statement I really like, “Let’s face a simple fact; today, most social media users do not get rewarded for generating content, period. Social media platforms that have a significant reliance on user-generated content (UGC) share an open secret: you are their revenue making machines, and you do it mostly for free (if not, you even pay for it).” Also, “In developing PINC, I envision the day where we will be able to address such imbalances, when equity is in the ecosystem and that society justly rewards content creators and provides respite to brand owners. In the era of big data and blockchain technology, I believe that PINC will be the solution and beacon of hope.”

Full disclosure here, to be honest, this was first written by Grace, I modified it afterwards. It’s good we all share the same vision, so it’s not solely a “Sab” statement here.

We want to keep it simple.

A lot of the jargon about blockchain and artificial intelligence or even gamification are just simple terms and more backend, PINC is made as a simple process for helping people to get their content shared while making money off it.

“A person will upload a picture, select from a vast catalogue of products, and tag that product on the photo to make it shoppable.”

“People who post and tag their content can get likes and points from others, and they can then cash out these points on the PINC platform; rewarding them for their hard work.”

I’d love to share more about our monetisation stream, but I’m going to leave that for another post (or you can read the press release).

To whomever that may be interested in investing in PINC (we’re trying to get our seed round done) or participating in the platform can visit for additional information. (Okay, technically investment wise, you can contact me hurhur.)

Contact details as follows:

Sabrina Wang
CEO and Founder of PINC

PINC PR Team (attention to Aaron)

Sally Yeo
Prospr Communications
Mobile: +65 9336 3828

P.S. Anything media/press related can either go to Aaron or Sally, anything and everything else, you can contact me. If I’m unavailable, I’ll ask the rest to help out! 🙂

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