PINC went live on 93.8Now with Radio DJ Keith de Souza

Guess what, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you today! So not long after the PINC team came back from RISE Hong Kong 2018, our CEO Sabrina Wang and COO/CTO Francis Sim went live on 93.8Now with a veteran Radio DJ, Keith de Souza.

93.8Now is an English radio station of Mediacorp in Singapore. It is a sixteen-hour radio station that broadcasts news radio programmes, from 6:00am to 10:00pm (UTC+08:00) daily. The radio station reaches out to 239,000 listeners per week. Being able to share about PINC in such a massive scale means a lot to us!

At the start of the session, Sabrina and Francis were asked to share about what PINC does and how it will revolutionise the social commerce industry using blockchain technology.

“PINC allows users to share products and services that they love and believe in. In the platform, users can tag products and services that they actually use and recommend them to their followers,” said Sabrina. “PINC aims to remunerate users for the content that they share with greater transparency using blockchain. Basically, every social activity in the platform (ie. giving likes and comments, uploading content, etc.) is rewarded with points which can eventually be cashed out.”

Blockchain is one of PINC’s crucial features which make the platform unique, and this fact caught Keith’s attention. Keith then went on to ask Francis about the role of blockchain within the platform itself. “For PINC, blockchain enables transparency such that all interactions and transactions within the platform can be verified. This ensures that they are valid and authentic,” answered Francis.

Francis also went on to explain about how blockchain allows verification to take place. “One thing about blockchain is that it can keep all transactions like an Excel sheet that goes on forever and it is not changeable. Every transaction is recorded on the ledger and is hence trackable.” When asked about where the ledger is, Francis added, “It is decentralised. We have multiple nodes that store these data points, so that if one node is down, the data are still secure.”

Keith also raised important issues regarding the use of personal data in the platform. Sabrina explained that the PINC platform utilises data to create a personalised experience for users. For instance, if a user likes a photo with a black dress in it, the platform will select this kind of content as a priority for the user. Sabrina also talked about the team’s future plan of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the system so that users will not be bombarded with the same content in an unnatural manner.

Towards the end of the session, Keith asked about the role of merchants and influencers in the platform. Sabrina explained that the focus of PINC is more of commerce rather than advertising. When merchants come onto the platform itself, they can expect to get sales from there if people actually love their products. This way, they can identify their loyal customers to be their brand advocates rather than paying advertisers who may or may not actually love their brands. This is also one way for merchants to maintain their loyal customers.

Sabrina ended off by mentioning that PINC is currently working with over 700 merchants internationally. Most are marketplaces like Lazada, Shopbop, Amazon, etc. Users can see around thousands of brands and about ten million products in the platform.

For the full interview, please listen to the audio clip below:

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