Don’t miss out: 7 noteworthy startups at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018

In this era of digitisation, more and more businesses leverage on technologies such as blockchain and AI to make exciting changes in the industry. As more find it worthwhile to make the most out of these new opportunities, technological startups began to emerge and flourish globally.

On 15 and 16 May, over 250 startups exhibited their latest innovation at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018. These are seven startups across logistics and transportation, fintech and healthcare that you would not want to miss.

Logistics and Transportation

Skyfy Technology

Skyfy Technology enables users to monitor, track and control their vehicles remotely through digital means. Information such as their vehicle’s speed, location and idle timings are made available to users at their fingertips. Having served numerous local SMEs via their multi-points integrated system, Skyfy Technology seeks to assist businesses through increased overall sales, reduced operating cost and improved productivity.

Fetch Me

FetchMe seeks to provide convenience in delivery and procurement through a single tap. In their platform, “buyers” can request “fetcher” to get the item that they want and deliver it to their address in an instant and at a reasonable price. The main focus of this innovative solution is the convenience; hence FetchMe’s process is fully automated to ensure that buyers can get anything delivered by a fetcher from anywhere and at any time.


Shiplyst is a team of supply chain and technology professionals who aim to simplify cross-border logistics processes through online ocean freight management. They tap on innovative digital tools to allow for instant comparison of quotes from multiple freight forwarders on the go. Besides that, the company also boasts their utterly transparent pricing policy and a high level of security using industrial grade encryption on their platform.



Pampasy allows for cashless payment through a smartphone application. Through their platform, users can deposit funds securely using their debit/credit card and make payment afterwards by scanning the recipient’s QR code. Premium members can also benefit through cashback and bonuses for making referrals.


TranSwap facilitates the global transaction by allowing users to make payment globally with reduced foreign exchange conversion costs and minimum hassle. They promise up to 80% savings with the mid-point exchange rate and no hidden fees for every transaction. Users can also rely on their safe and secure platform as the deposited funds are not combined into the company’s assets.



A Finland-based startup that’s operating in Bangladesh, Olwel seeks to provide healthcare services for patients to receive medical consultation in the comfort of their own home. Their service is especially helpful for those with movement difficulties and to avoid the hassle of waiting in long line and travelling for long hours to see a healthcare professional.


Modasta seeks to encourage self-learning of own health by making health information and services accessible to everyone. Users can learn about various aspects of their health by reading articles or watching videos on the platform. Should they choose to consult a healthcare professional, they may decide to do a video or a text consultation through the application itself. Users can also book lab tests if needed.

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