Five smart glasses to look out for in 2021

Smart glasses are estimated to be the new widely popular smart gadgets. The technology sector has been aiming at creating a lightweight pair of smart glasses that is also fashionable. Previous versions of smart glasses are rather bulky, pricy, and lack content. 2021 might be the year of smart glasses. However, experts project that widespread use is still ahead. New designs of smart glasses are entering the market in 2021; let’s see which ones have the potential to make a change.


Razer just launched a pair of smart glasses specifically designed for gamers and anyone working from home. This is the company’s first smart glasses, which were inspired by spending more time at home due to the pandemic. The glasses have blue light-filtering, and there are touch controls on the side to navigate music or calls. It also has an affordable price, compared to other previous models; it is available for customers starting at USD 199. Razer Anzu realized the need for eye protection, hands-free communication, and other smart features, and they made a fairly successful attempt to live up to the expectations. This work-from-home accessory can modernise smart glasses in terms of convenience, design, and blue light protection.


According to reliable analysts, the Apple Glass could be launched in 2021, although Bloomberg estimates it to be released only in 2023. Early demonstrations of Apple’s newest gadget revealed that it comes with a set of rings, which are designed to track finger and hand movements to aid navigation. This feature could highly improve the capabilities of Apple Glasses, and it could be crucial in the competition, and so far, it seems to be truly unique. The Apple Glasses are primarily designed to bring information from the phone to people’s faces. The eyewear can synchronize with the user’s iPhone, just like Apple watch to display texts, emails, games, and maps, into the wearer’s field of vision.

Google Glass Enterprise

Google’s smart glasses also seem to be a potential competitor in 2021. It has a 720 p video support, 80 degrees field of view camera, and built-in earphones. With assisted GPS, it has faster and more reliable WiFi connectivity, a faster processor, and an upgraded 8MP camera for HD images and videos. It is extremely lightweight (36 grams), but it is also one of the most expensive smart glasses. A huge advantage of this accessory is that the battery can last up to 8 hours, which means it can bear a regular working day. This also shows that it was designed more for work than less for home applications.

ThirdEye Generation

This pair of glasses has a 42 degrees field of view and a 13MP camera for HD video and images. It can apply 3D tracking, image detection, and an all-in-one SLAM solution. It is equipped with many sensors, noise-cancelling, and two wide-angle 13 MP cameras for better environmental mapping. One of the most interesting features is that wearers can share their views with others remotely through video communication. It features live audio for remote assistance applications. It is very suitable for working environments.


Solos also has high-quality visual data displays, microphones, and earphones for communicating. Receiving calls, listening to music is very convenient, and the device can be navigated with voice control and audio guiding. It is compatible with AR apps, and it is very affordable compared to other smart glasses. However, it has limited 5-hour battery life.


While we might have to wait a little more for Apple Glasses, other powerful competitors launch their smart glasses in 2021. Razer Anzu created a product specifically designed for the home environment that is perfect for gaming and working. Google Glass Enterprise is also a potential competitor with its built-in earphones and 8 hours of battery life, even though it comes with a high price tag. ThirdEye Generation and Solos smart glasses are also important to watch out for, as they have already launched their product with various useful tools.

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