Which famous character are you based on your personality?

You are made up of a dozen traits that make up your personality. While as a whole, your personality makes you unique, you might find similarities in traits with others, including popular characters in your favourite film!

Do you want to know which famous character you are based on your personality? Read on to find out!


If you are an ENTJ, then more often than not, you are the team’s big boss! You score high in extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment which means you get things done and love achievement! You know what you want, and you do not hesitate to go ahead and reach them. If you find yourself as an ENTJ, then you share similar characteristics with Gossip Girl’s resident overachiever, the beautiful socialite, Blair Waldorf.

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf with hands on her hips

Photo credit: Amy McDonnell


If you are an ENFP, then you are the team’s campaigner! You love to align yourself with worthwhile ideals, and you naturally are hopeful and have goodwill towards others. Energetic and warm, you are known for extraversion, intuition, feeling and prospective. If you are an ENFP, you share similar personality traits with Harry Potter and his best friend, Ron Weasley and Naruto!

Harry Potter Ron Weasley close-up

Photo credit: Wizarding World

Naruto Uzumaki close-up

Photo credit: Variety


Love them or hate them, you need an ENTP to think of bold ideas! If you are an ENTP, you are also known as the brave debater. You are known for your great mental agility that is as critical as critical gets. Creative and assertive, you are a certified goal-getter known for extraversion, intuition, thinking, and prospective! If you think you are an ENTP, you share similar personality traits with Tony Stark aka Ironman!

Photo credit: Fortress

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