Guess the K-pop moments that became viral memes

So you say you’re a major K-Pop fan? It’s time to put that to the test! Can you guess these K-Pop moments that went viral? Comment your answers below!

The Meme King and the Starbucks-sipping GIF.

This K-Pop moment went viral for all the right reasons! This K-Pop star didn’t know he was going to go viral all because of him sipping a Starbucks drink. Can you tell which K-Pop star became the Meme King thanks to this viral Starbucks-sipping GIF? Here are two major clues – first, he comes from a super popular K-Pop group, and second, he replied to Starbucks with yet another Starbucks-sipping moment that went viral as well!

Answer: MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

The Sad Clown.

Can you guess this viral K-Pop moment that racked up an amazing 85 thousand retweets and 144 thousand likes? This viral photo was dubbed The Sad Clown since it seemed to show a clown, who, at the end of the day, reveals his sad self. The truth is, the moment this photo was taken was anything but sad! Major clue alert – this event was in 2015 during the SMTOWN Halloween party with most of the SM artists in attendance. Can you tell us who the K-Pop star decided to go to the party as Ronald McDonald and inspired this viral photo?

Answer: SHINEE’s Key

Photo credit: Twitter

Missing the mark.

Here’s a meme that was the result of a hilarious K-Pop moment. Let’s just say when the K-Pop star says, “I’ll fill up your empty glass,” yet another K-Pop star takes it quite literally and pours a drink into a cup BUT completely misses the mark. He ends up spilling the drink halfway through while the K-Pop star holding the glass looks on with a rueful look on his face. And that, ladies and gentlemen, apparently makes for a viral meme that sent netizens on a retweet and like frenzy! Can you tell us which K-Pop star became viral for this meme?

Answer: Winner’s Jinwoo

Photo credit: Twitter

That’s a wrap! Were you able to guess correctly? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to sign up here to join more fun posts that K-Pop fans can truly relate to!

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