Brands that are making a difference

Gone are the days when brands were solely focused on fast fashion – designing clothes to be used quickly and sold very cheap, leading consumers to view clothes as something you wear then throw away.
With more and more people calling for accountability among clothing manufacturers, many brands have read the tea leaves and have switched to sustainable fashion. Our job as responsible consumers, then, is to shop from brands that are making a difference!

Sustainable fashion 101

Used closely with terms like “conscious fashion” and “ethical fashion,” sustainable fashion is committed to creating clothes and fashion products without abusing the environment, animals, and people. This is enough reason for us to choose brands dedicated to manufacturing sustainable fashion. With more fashion designers pivoting to the responsible thing to do, it is up to us to make the equally responsible choice to shop for sustainable fashion as well!

What to look for

  • Organic materials. Instead of choosing clothes that are derived from petroleum-based synthetics such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic, stick with hemp, cotton, wool, linen, and cellulose fibres. These are natural fibres, so they are biodegradable meaning, in time, they compose back into the soil rather than be a toxic fixture in landfills.
  • Recycled materials. Go for repurposed fabrics! Many brands are utilising recycled synthetics and other up-cycled materials. Deadstock fabric is also the right choice! These are materials that were made but weren’t sold.
  • Zero waste. Many brands endeavour to reduce waste while manufacturing their clothes drastically. From removing plastic packaging to minimising water and energy use during the manufacturing process, these brands are mindful of the waste they produce and take strict measure to ensure its reduction.
  • Preloved. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting stuff second-hand. There are virtual shops that sell used but definitely not abused clothing. After you’ve worn them out, you can repurpose and make them into foot rugs or wiping rags. The key is to lessen the waste we contribute to the landfill.

The next time you shop, let’s make the responsible choice of choosing brands that make a difference through championing sustainable fashion! You might want to check out these shoes made from recycled materials sold exclusively at SSENSE and Mr Simple.

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