Second Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

And the fun here at People’s Inc. (PINC) keeps ongoing as we move on to our second day of Christmas!
So what do we have in store for all our friends here in the People’s Inc.?
If you’ve been following the song, on the second day of Christmas, PINC is all set to send amazing stuff on two for major discounts by an equally amazing brand!
Choose from these amazing deals thanks to our brand partner, Cotton On:


Need to catch up on those much-needed zzz’s? Got to dress cute for that one sleepover? Then Cotton On sleepwear is the perfect pick for you! Breathable and ultra-comfortable, any of these sets of sleepwear will help you achieve that good night’s rest that you deserve. Get TWO sets of sleepwear at SGD 25 off. Click here to shop!


Ready to go on a casual day out? Then Cotton On shirts should top your must-have list. Pair these versatile tees with anything! Jeans, skirts, pants – take your pick! Put on a good blazer for more formal events. Why get one when you can get two for a good price? Get two shirts today for only SGD 50. What are you waiting for? Click here!


Summer is just around the corner, so having a surplus of swimsuits won’t hurt. Good thing, Cotton On has its own line of exquisite swimwear. Get styles perfect for a day out on the beach and get that cute summer selfie you’ve wanted to get. Get two swimwear for only SGD 30 when you click here.
Shopping has never been this fun, so make sure you take your pick as you enjoy these deals. They’re not up for long so hurry and grab yourself (or for your loved ones) some gifts for the season.
So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the second day of Christmas at Peopel’s Inc. when you sign up here today.

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