Styling tips for guys

Whether it’s formal or casual, there’s a way for guys to look consistently sharp and confident. Here are some styling tips for guys no matter the occasion!


There’s a fine line between looking stylishly comfortable and looking too comfortable. Here’s how to achieve that elusive laid back elegance not too many can perfect:

  • Know the basics. Have enough choices for denim jeans, casual tees, polo shirts, casual jackets, hoodies, casual footwear, and accessories.
  • Have a style goal. You’ve got a wealth of casual looks done right for you to use as a guide.
    Just because these are common clothing, it does not mean that you get anything available from the rack. Invest in premium brands. They look better and last longer, so they are a practical choice in the long run.
  • Less is more. Don’t go overboard with accessories. A luxurious watch is enough to up the ante. You don’t need to load up on chains and bracelets just to make a statement.

Smart Casual

Here’s an easy way of looking at it – smart casual is business-grade casual. This means its a laid back look but is formal enough for the office. Here are some styling tips when it comes to smart-casual fashion for men:

  • Know the basics. To get that smart casual look right, you’ve got to have a great pair of denim jeans, chinos, blazers, shirts, casual shoes, and the right accessories.
  • Have a style goal. Just like the casual look, there are many pegs that you can base your look on. Do your research, and you’ll have a style guide to aspire for.
  • Neutral up. Mix and match neutrals. These make up the cornerstone of that perfect smart casual look.
  • Pick the right accessories. From eyewear to a luxurious timepiece, choose the right accessories to complete the look. Just remember, less is more.

Suit up

Now it’s time to go the more formal route. Here are some styling tips when you plan to suit up:

  • Invest in a tailored suit. The best suits are those that fit you to a tee. Even the most luxurious suit brands will amount to nothing if they don’t fit you perfectly.
  • Invest in excellent quality. Now that you’ve got your suit right, everything else has to follow. From your dress shirt to your belt, to your shoes, everything must match exquisitely.
  • Tie it all up together. Styling your tie can be a lot tricky. The safest route is to choose a tie that’s darker than your suit and make sure you get that tie dimple right.
  • Don’t forget your socks! Two rules, gentlemen: one, wear long dress socks and two, avoid white.

Soft look

Soft what? This style isn’t anything new. The soft look is more sensitive and artsy. Here’s how to achieve this look that has become huge in men’s fashion:

  • Go vintage. Soft, fitted denim is the best way to go. Pair them with oversized vintage long sleeves, sweaters, windbreakers, denim jackets, striped shirts, and bowling shirts.
  • Classic shoes. From Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars to Vans signature skate shoes, complete the look with any of this iconic footwear.
  • Accessorise. Go retro with a Casio watch. Don a minimalist platinum ring. Wear over-sized clear glasses. All these accessories complement a trendy soft look.
  • Get your hair did. This look won’t be complete without relatively long, tousled hair coif. Think Harry Styles hair-do. This can bring that soft look to a whole new level.

Who says fashion is exclusive for the ladies? With these easy styling tips for guys, men can also get their fashion on for whatever mood they find themselves in!

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