3 holiday styles for guys

Time to dress up for the holidays! We’ve assembled the top three holiday styles for guys that’ll definitely make you the darling of the crowd. Are you ready? We are, too! Read on to find out this easy-to-put-together style guide for men!

Style 1: Carefree casual

This look may be relaxed and carefree, but its styling makes it versatile enough to fit different holiday events! To achieve this look, you would need a black turtleneck and black slim-fit jeans. Add a tad of colour with a plaid or printed oversized overshirt. Finish with a pair of sneakers, preferably a lighter shade. Now you’re ready for the party so go get going! East Dane is the perfect destination for all things chic so check out what they have to offer when you click here.

Style 2: Fascinating formal

For more formal events, this is the perfect look to go for. To complete this fascinating ensemble, you would need a black shirt paired with a pair of soft and cuffed khaki pants. A black trench coat adds even more flavour, so make sure to have one at hand. While you’d think leather shoes are best matches this outfit, sneakers give this formal look that much needed oomph. Stay cool and current in this fascinating formal ensemble! Want to find more variety men’s fashion? Check out Bodega for more fashionable pieces!

Style 3: Magnificent mix

Do you want an even more versatile mix? Then this is the look that you should consider! Relaxed but not too casual, you can go from a casual get-together to a formal gathering without having to change too much. To achieve this look, you’d need a crewneck sweater worn on top of a collared undershirt. Pair these with a pair of cuffed slim-fit jeans and leather boots. In this magnificent mix, you’ll surely be a showstopper making this look an excellent choice. Mr. Simple has more clothes that puts you in the spotlight so make sure to check them out when you click right here.

There you go! Three amazing styles for an amazing guy just like you!

We’re super excited to see your holiday OOTD! Sign up today and share it with us right here where stylistas converge!

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