How to fit all your loved ones in one photo

It’s that time of the year again where we have to take the customary family portrait. Fitting everyone in can be quite the challenge. With this easy guide on how to fit all your loved ones in the photo, it will be a whole lot easier to figure where to position everyone, even your furry friends!

Choose a nice background.

Well before the actual portrait taking, make sure that you’ve already chosen a nice background for it. A light-coloured wall provides a great background since it won’t have to compete with whatever everyone’s wearing. A pretty bricked wall with a beautifully-decorated Christmas Tree also gives you all the right holiday feels so this would be a good choice as well. Knowing where the photo will be taken is already half the battle, so preparing that special place for your annual family portrait will truly help!

Put tall people at the back.

This falls under the “duh” category since it’s pretty intuitive to put towering folks at the back. This way, they don’t get to obstruct anyone, and they will have enough space to position themselves in a way that they don’t stick out as much.

Seat people at the front.

Whether it’s actual seats or just them sitting down on the floor, it’s always a good idea to have them seated when they are in front. Apart from not obstructing the people at the back, this provides a good balance making it look like a well-crafted professionally-taken photo!

Hold furry friends.

Our furry friends are certainly more than pets! In fact, they are considered as part of the family, making them honorary loved ones. Including them in the portrait makes perfect sense then. So that they can be included without incident, the best thing to do is to hold them. That way, you can place them where they should be without them trying to escape and go their own way.

Now that you know how to fit all your loved ones in one photo, it’s time to click away! We’d love to see your family portraits. Share them with your virtual family when you sign up with us here today!

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