Feel your best with Garbo and Kelly

Who doesn’t want to bask in that singular youthful glow? Look current and on fleek with these awesome tips using our favourite beauty brand – Garbo & Kelly! Are you ready to look like a royal in a matter of minutes? Then, by all means, read on!

Full lips are all the rage.

Giving your lips that the illusion of plumpness is a major plus. To do this, you will have to enhance your lip line by overdrawing it by a pinch to achieve that illusion. Using the same liner, fill your lips before applying lipstick using a lip brush. Play with shades thanks to the wide range of lip definer colours at Garbo & Kelly. That’s not all! Their Special Edition Love Sensation Liquid Lips will help you achieve that full lip look. Are you more of a ‘matte’ person? Not to worry, their Rock Matte Lip Definer paired with Rock Liquid Matte Lipstick will do the same!

Gloss up.

You can also have fuller lips thanks to reliable lip gloss. If you have already applied lipstick, the trick is to dab it on the lower lip and right at the centre of your upper lip just so that you won’t go overboard. Be more generous if you don’t have any lipstick on. For the best lip gloss, the aptly named Royalty Gloss Liquid Lipgloss from Garbo & Kelly is the best gloss up product for you! It will instantly give you that much-coveted illusion of fuller lips with a glistening mirror shine finish. Look absolutely alluring with this Garbo & Kelly lipgloss gem of a find.

Define. Define. Define.

Achieving that perfect brow line can be a little tricky, so the key here is – define your brow’s natural shape and then enhance it. Our secret? Get your brows professionally done before you maintain it yourself. There’s a fine line between too thin and too bushy so make sure your brows are well-shaped and then define them! Dreaming of achieving a well-defined pair of eyebrows? Then Garbo & Kelly is here for you! From precisely-angled brow brushes to waterproof, long-wearing brow perfection pencil, that perfect brow is just a click or tap away thanks to Garbo & Kelly!

There are many ways to go full-on royal glam, but you need the right tools to get it done. At Garbo & Kelly, all that is possible and more! Check out their full collection right here.

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