Fashionable fitness wear tips

Fitness wear fashion is a thing. We’ve seen a rise of so-called “gym-fluencers” – fitness and fashion enthusiasts who look on-point in and out of the gym. Sweating it out has never been this stylish so take note of these gym outfits that will make you look and feel like a million bucks!

Unique design

The more unique your fitness wear is, the better! Feeling experimental? Go for asymmetrical lines thanks to a one-shoulder sports bra. Do you want to stand out but remain a tad conventional? Then a matching two-piece should be right up your alley. To change things up, go for pastel colours. Dainty and fresh, achieve the right balance of strength and elegance when you choose pastel-coloured fitness wear.


Onesies have become more and more popular these days. Sleek and sexy, a gym bodysuit is a win in our fitness playbook. This fitness wear is versatile. Whether it’s hot yoga that you prefer or if you’re more of a pilates buff, a bodysuit is an excellent choice. Go full-on edgy by going for a black or metallic grey onesie. Now you’re ready to conquer the gym in style!

Athleisure vibes

Here’s one fad that has become a huge hit everywhere – the athleisure mix and match. It basically means what it says – a casual take on fitness wear that you can wear both in and out of the gym. There seem to be two go-to ensembles that have become the gold standard where athleisure vibes are concerned. The first is a little edgier consisting of a sports bra and leggings paired up with either denim or leather jacket. The second is a lot looser and relaxed as it features a sports bra with sweatpants paired with a cardigan. Have a cute gym bag to complete the look!

Sweat it out in style thanks to these fashionable fitness wear tips. For the best fitness wear, you might want to check out our favourite activewear shopping destinations, Lorna Jane and Shopbop. Amazing deals await you so shop now!

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